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Strengthen and tone your muscles with these 10 kettlebells

This new addition to your home gym will amp up any workout.
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If you’ve been building out your at-home gym this past year, it’s likely that you're already stocked up on dumbbells and barbells. But there’s probably one free weight that your workout space is missing: a kettlebell.

With a large handle and smooth finish, kettlebells fit comfortably in your hands and act as a versatile fitness tool to help exercise your whole body. Not only will users improve their strength while utilizing a kettlebell, but they’ll also boost their flexibility and cardio.

Now, not all kettlebells are created equal. So to help you find the best options on the market, we scoured various retailers for all the most-loved kettlebells available right now. From the classic kettlebell design to an adjustable option, we have all the preferred picks below.

Top-rated kettlebells for fitness lovers

Amazon Basics Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight

With a thick vinyl coating designed to prevent scuffing the floor (and chafing your skin), this kettlebell comes in nine different weights. Available from 10 to 55 pounds, each weight is a different color to make it easy to recognize one from another.

Bala Power Ring

Consider this weight an upgrade from your usual kettlebell design. Created in a circular style to evenly distribute weight, the Bala Power Ring is easy to use during more than 75 workout moves — squats and presses included. After trying the brand’s Bala Bangles and absolutely loving them, we can’t wait to give this one-of-a-kind equipment a try, too.

Rogue Fitness Kettle Grip

If you have a bunch of weights in your home already, it might be more cost-effective to simply buy this tool. Designed to turn any dumbbell into a kettlebell, it can hold up to 55 pounds and is compatible with any standard-sized equipment.

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kettlebell Set with Storage Rack

Looking for a conventional kettlebell set? This option is for you. Featuring five-, 10- and 15-pound kettlebells, users can perform a variety of exercises with their preferred weight.

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell

Created with a soft material to prevent injuries or damages to your home gym, this kettlebell is a safer choice for those that aren’t as familiar with using kettlebells. The large handle is also ergonomically designed for a better grip, making users feel more secure during their workouts.

Hyperwear Soft Kettlebell

While not your typical-looking kettlebell, this option helps users feel a bit safer than when using the usual cast iron design. The reason? It features reinforced plastic handles and adjustable soft weights that range from 10 to 30 pounds.

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

With almost 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this kettlebell is a great option for anyone looking for the usual model. Encased with vinyl and designed with a flat bottom, it was created with the intention of noise reduction and floor protection during workouts. Plus, it’s super affordable.

JaxJox Kettlebell Connect 2.0

For those looking for an anything-but-basic kettlebell, this pick is your best bet. Thanks to the kettlebell’s bullet stacking system that uses a rotating weight-selection core, you can adjust the weight from 12 to 42 pounds in just a few seconds. You can also simply place the kettlebell on the digital console, enter the weight you want and it will automatically adjust for you. As a bonus, there’s a compatible app that can keep track of your workouts, too.

Cap Barbell Soft Kettlebell

Beginners will love this kettlebell, which is covered in soft fabric and filled with iron sand. Thanks to its unique design, this kettlebell is easy to use and won’t damage your floor if accidentally dropped.

Bintiva Kettlebells

While this has all the usual aspects of a typical kettlebell, there is one element that sets it apart from the rest: a unique base that works to stabilize the kettlebell both during and after use. Plus, this rubber foundation adds extra protection to your floors when placing the weight down after working out.

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