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7 unique inventions that are sure to make your life easier

Add these mom-and-pop finds to your holiday wish list!

These individual inventors have created products that solve some of our most annoying problems.

With everything from sturdy, eco-friendly grocery bags to a secure password keeper, these mom-and-pop inventions can help make some big changes in our lives.

Gadget Guy and author of "Gadget Nation" Steve Greenberg stopped by TODAY to talk through some of the coolest options currently on the market. You'll wish you'd invented some of them yourself!

The Airhook

This two-in-one solution for airplane comfort, invented by NAME, will make any flight just a little more bearable. The secure system holds a drink and props up an electronic device, like your phone or tablet.

A stabilizer bar keeps the whole set-up safe, and a convertible mode allows users to tuck the drink holder away when not in use. An included neoprene travel pouch makes for convenient carrying and safe storage.

To use, just attach the device to the back of an upright, locked tray table and get ready to enjoy your time in the sky!

Lotus Trolley Bags

Wife-and-husband team Jennifer and Farzan Dehmoubed have both dedicated their lives to eco-friendly plastic bag alternatives. In 2017, they quit their jobs and began prototyping the trolley bag, which is now loved by many.

The bags help keep groceries organized, and the eco-friendly, long-lasting materials are as good for the environment as they are for your wallet. Easy to transfer from cart to car, they're perfect for everything from a big shopping trip to a quick grocery run.

There's also a produce bag option. Replace difficult to open and flimsy bags with the cinchable, color-coded option. A nine pack of three sizes is available on Amazon for $16.99.

The Instacake

Enjoy a long-distance celebration with this delicious innovation by baker and entrepreneur Sarah Neal. It looks just like a thick card until you open it up to find delicious cake mix. Add water, mix it up, put it in the microwave for just one minute and voila: Delicious, almost instant cake!

Negg the Egg Peeler

Make peeling a hard-boiled egg easier than ever with this peeler from Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan. Tyler hated peeling her eggs, so she and Torgan used a library 3-D printer to make two prototypes for an easy-to-peel solution. Demand picked up, and the women realized how much others hated peeling hard-boiled eggs too.

The product is quick and easy to use: just insert the egg, close the lid, and shake for a few seconds until the egg slips from its shell. Remove and eat!


Never reset a password again with this compact, secure password keeper from entrepreneur and business owner LeAnn Bell. You'll only have to remember the one password that unlocks the device itself, but once open, you'll be able to access whatever passwords you choose to input.

The device is electronic but off-line, meaning there's no risk of hacking. Even better, the information is encrypted to keep it even safer, and the device is small enough to keep securely in a purse or pocket.

Icybag Cosmetics Bag

Keep cosmetics cool with this compact, insulated bag from stay-at-home mom Kathy Cohen. The multi-use bag works perfectly with anything that might be sensitive to high temperatures, like medicine, lip balm, or even snacks. Ideal for beach days, travel, or leaving in a hot car, the freezer gel pack and insulated material keeps items protected.

PairMe Shoe Accessory

A pair of New Jersey moms and sisters invented these shoe accessories for kids everywhere. The first light-up shoe accessory on the market to help kids get their shoes on the right feet, these devices light up when they come together and help kids feel prepared to do things by themselves.

Great for simplifying morning routines or just adding some color to an outfit, kids of all ages are sure to love these easy-to-apply adhesive accessories.

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