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5 books to read after 'Bright Burning Things' by Lisa Harding

Pick one of these up next.

In December 2021, Jenna Bush Hager picked "Bright Burning Things" by Lisa Harding as her Read With Jenna pick.

This novel is about a mom whose personal struggle with addiction is often at odds with her overflowing love for her son.

If you couldn't put it down, the author has five great books readers can dive into next.

"Shuggie Bain," by Douglas Stuart

Douglas Stuart’s debut novel is a masterful, heartbreaking look at a young son’s complicated relationship with his alcoholic mother, offering a blisteringly brilliant look at the power of love and its limitations.

"Revolutionary Road," by Richard Yates

Richard Yates's debut novel is about Frank and April Wheeler's life in the suburbs of the East Coast in the 1950's. Bored with their average lives, their chase for excitement leads to heartbreak, betrayal and tragedy.

"Olive Kitteridge," by Elizabeth Strout

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Elizabeth Strout is about a retired school teacher, Olive Kitteridge. As the small town and people closest to her face changes and encounter new struggles, Olive is forced to take a hard, honest look at herself and her life.

"Beside The Sea," by Veronique Olmi

Similar to "Bright Burning Things," "Beside The Sea" by Veronique Olmi is about a mother's fierce, albeit unhinged love for her children. This thought-provoking novel asks when a mother's love might be more dangerous than the world she wants to protect her children from.

"The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne," by Brian Moore

Judith Hearne is an unmarried woman of a certain age, who's been cast out of society. But she also has a deeply held secret that she's on the verge of sharing with the world.

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