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#startTODAY final results: Our anchors reveal their biggest successes

The anchors are reflecting on the past month and shared which changes they'll continue to implement and which ones they're ready to ditch.
/ Source: TODAY

At the beginning of the month, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin and Jenna Bush Hager set out to improve their quality of life through diet, fitness and mindfulness.

As January comes to a close, the anchors are reflecting on the past month and shared which changes they'll continue to implement and which they're ready to ditch.

Hoda Kotb

For Hoda, getting started was the hardest part and everything else came easier. She got organized with the help of a simple pouch and started to be more selective with what she allowed her mind to spend time thinking about...and of course it all starts with a healthy breakfast!


  • Biggest challenge: Cutting out sweets
  • Biggest victory: Having more energy
  • Easiest part: Journaling every day
  • Biggest cheat: Eating part of that Entenmann's cake. In my defense it was for a segment!
  • Biggest surprise: Putting things in the "God Room" and "Trash Room" of my mind and realizing how much more time I had to take care of things.
  • What I'll continue: Sue's SoulCycle class, eating egg whites with salsa and scribbling in my journal
  • What I'll never do again: Lose my keys! (Actually the jury's still out on that one.)

Craig Melvin

Craig had one of the biggest adjustments in embracing his vegetarian diet, but he discovered great alternatives to meat that he may not have known about before. He found that taking 10 minutes of quiet time in the morning was nearly life-changing and that mixing up his workout routine could be fun and challenging.


  • Biggest challenge: Not drinking in social settings
  • Biggest victory: Not eating meat for 30 days
  • Easiest part: Drinking more water
  • Biggest cheat: I did have two drinks one night.
  • Biggest surprise: My increased levels of energy and focus
  • What I'll continue: Meditation! More water, less meat
  • What I'll never do again: Give up alcohol for that long

Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna changed the way she felt simply by mixing up her workout routine and she clued into what her body was telling her when it came to eating healthy. In allowing herself one or two cheat meals a week, she kept herself from being bored while sticking to a healthy diet. She also found that taking certain apps off her phone and meditating helped her stay present in her day-to-day life.


  • Biggest challenge: Food. Just being organized and finding the time to prepare meals. I wanted to cook more than once, but my schedule is hard. But I made healthier decisions.
  • Biggest victory: Being more present with kids
  • Easiest part: Enjoying workouts
  • Biggest cheat: Cheese weekend at Savannah's
  • Biggest surprise: I enjoyed cooking in a way I didn't expect.
  • What I'll continue: Cooking more, doing more cross training and interval training and keeping certain apps off my phone.
  • What I'll never do again: The morning routine — but meditation worked!

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