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#startTODAY with Hoda: 30-day plan to calm the mind and control your life

Follow Hoda's month-long plan to get her mind right!
/ Source: TODAY

Hoda Kotb's one of the busiest women in television, so it's no surprise one of her goals for the new year was to find a way to care for her mind and feel more organized. To help achieve her goals, Hoda enlisted the help of Angie Johnsey, an RN CHT-hypnotherapist and celebrity mind coach.


Johnsey's plan aims to help Hoda find empowerment in feeling more organized, being more patient by relaxing her expectations on herself and others, learning to say no without guilt and to reduce stress by setting boundaries to care for her mind.

Her 30-day plan includes specific goals for each day and each week that you can follow as well to live a more centered and empowered life.

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Hoda's 30-day plan

Angie Johnsey's diet Plan
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Week One

The focus of the first week is to create a feeling of freedom in your life through being organized. Being organized can save you valuable time and energy and reduce the mental stress created from feeling rushed and unorganized. It can also reduce the visual stress that is created for the mind by looking at cluttered spaces.

This week you will be spending time making a plan and creating a new habit. You will be making a list of all the items you misplace regularly and designating a home for each. You will then do a room check each night on all of the items to assure they are in their designated areas before you go to bed.

For clarity and success, you will need a journal to keep track of your lists this week. You will also use this journal each week for the various tasks at hand. You may also search around the house or go shopping for visually appealing bowls, baskets, or small pouches that will house those hard to find items. This will allow your mind to feel organized and prepared, which in turn will assist it to relax. A relaxed mind is a healthy mind.


Week Two

This week you will learn to say no. Being able to say no without guilt will allow you to use your time and energy for the activities and projects that are important to you. Spare time is a luxury for most of us and needs to be protected in order to properly care for our mental and emotional health. Experiencing feelings of guilt for saying no or disappointing others, causes stress on your mind and makes it difficult for you to enjoy the time you protected by saying no. Your mental health must take priority over the happiness or satisfaction of others. This isn’t selfish. This is self care. Your mind is your precious gift and you must protect it and care for it.

This week you will be assisting your mind in feeling safe to say no, creating your “graceful way to say no” sentence, and forming a new habit of pausing, thinking, and gathering needed information before giving your “yes.” You will need your journal again this week to write or copy the new understandings you gain regarding saying no, as well as your graceful way to say no sentence.

Calculating a plan and rules to live by when it comes to saying no will create a sense of freedom. You will be able to enjoy what free time that you have without the feeling of disappointing others. You will greatly reduce your mental stress and increase your happiness levels.

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Week Three

This week you will learn patience, regardless of the circumstances. Dealing with moments of impatience can not only create stress in the moment of the event, but can produce ongoing stress by your mind arguing about the situation long after the event is over. Anything we can do to reduce mental stress will support and improve mental health.

You will be using your journal again this week to evaluate and gain awareness of your expectations, judgements, critical thinking, and moments of resisting what exists in your current life circumstances. You will learn acceptance is the cure for impatience, and all you need is an open mind and a willingness to see things differently or change your perspective of yourself and others.

Reducing or eliminating moments of impatience will greatly reduce mental stress and free up your mental energy to be used in the ways you choose. The emotional suffering of anger and frustration will become a thing of the past for you.

Week Four

We now know that stress is the number one cause of illness and disease in the physical body. It is impossible for the physical body to relax and rejuvenate when our minds are stressed. Learning to relax the mind through new coping skills or perspectives is imperative to your physical and mental health, and the quality of your life.

This week you will be observing your level of mental stress and developing new coping skills for relaxing the mind. You will be using a resource called The Tidy Mind that will teach you to calm your mind in any given situation. All you will need is your journal, The Tidy Mind Manual, and a level of awareness as to what your mind is doing when it is stressed.

You will develop tools and techniques for calming and relaxing your mind which will improve the physical health of your body and mind, and the quality of your life. You will learn to care for you mind and use it’s energy for focus, creativity, and the enjoyment of life.

For more advice from Johnsey, check out her Facebook Live video!

More information about Angie Johnsey: Angie lives her passion helping people from all walks of life, to calm and control their minds. No matter if it’s during her one-on-one personal sessions via skype or phone, or via her free online mind programs that support people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or unhappiness, Angie holds the intention and outcome of complete transformation and freedom for every mind. Angie also hosts in-person personalized health and healing retreats that focus on the needs of the mind, body, and spirit of each individual. Please visit to book a personal session, join a free mind program, or meet Angie in person on a retreat.