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Hoda Kotb does this 1 thing every day to focus on happiness

Hoda Kotb shares her happiness habits, including a gratitude journal and a good music playlist
/ Source: TODAY

Hoda Kotb does it all. The co-anchor of TODAY has a busy, busy life, but she manages it all with a positive attitude — and an enormous smile on her face. Hoda is synonymous with happy.

How does she do it?

"I am a believer of — the things in the forefront of your mind should be the good things," Hoda said. "So, in the morning, I try to do a little grateful journal. I'll write three things I'm grateful for ... Once you have your cup of coffee, and before you dive into your day, you feel like your good stuff's on the front row."

Hoda does the same thing at night, too: She ends her day by writing three things she's grateful for. She never misses a day.

"You have to make it part of your everyday (routine)," Hoda said.

Another way Hoda stays upbeat is by surrounding herself with positive people.

"I've always believed you're the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with," Hoda said. "If you're with people who are always complaining ... or people who are always sarcastic or negative all the time, maybe reassess. Because that becomes you, whether you like it or not."

But it's not only other people. Hoda stressed that we need to be the bright spot for friends and family — because we're one of the people they choose to spend time with.

For people going through tough times, Hoda offered this advice:

"After I got sick with breast cancer, and I remember I felt really in the weeds ... That's a temporary state in your life. It's not your life. It is this moment in your life. So if you have a loss, or an illness, or someone's passed away, or someone's getting divorced, and you feel that pain, you should feel it."

And if you're having a bad day, Hoda suggested trying to improve someone else's bad day. It just might help you feel better.

"The thing that always, always, always gets me outta my funk is when ... you help somebody else. All (of) the sudden, your terrible situation isn't terrible, because somebody else needs you," Hoda said.

Hodar's two favorite mood boosters? Wine and a good playlist.

"You hear a song and your crummy day is like, 'Oh my God. I'm dancin' in the moonlight. This is awesome.' So keep a good playlist." Who can't agree with that logic?