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World record-holding tumbler will blow you away with epic routine

Last year, Angel Rice blew us all away by setting a Guinness World Record for her tumbling skills. Well, she hasn't finished wowing us yet.
/ Source: TODAY

You may recall the awesome gymnastic skills of one Angel Rice, who blew us all away last August when she earned a Guinness World Record on the TODAY Plaza for the most double full twists performed in a minute. Well, she's not done wowing us yet!

A new video of the 17-year-old marvel (an Atlanta-based cheerleading champ who's on Team USA's power tumbling team) has already racked up over 15.7 likes on Instagram... and you'll know exactly why after you watch it.

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You'll think she has springs in her hands and feet as she executes a round off, back handspring, double back, three whip-backs in a row (hands free!), back handspring and a double pike.

In August, she told TODAY, "Hopefully, they put my sport in the Olympics." (We were shocked to learn it wasn't already there!)

Her latest performance is an amazing feat of control, power and sheer drive. Be sure to check out Rice's other incredible videos, in which she redefines the word "fierce."

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You go, Angel!

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