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20-year-old 'The Voice' contestant gets 4-chair turn with Billie Eilish cover

"You're one of the best voices we've heard," Nick Jonas told her.
/ Source: TODAY

Five contestants so far this season of "The Voice" have received the highly coveted four-chair turn for their auditions. As of Monday night, 20-year-old singer, Anna Grace, has joined the likes of Avery Roberson, Zae Romeo, Deion Warren and Kenzie Wheeler.

Anna Grace, hailing from Milwaukee, took on Billie Eilish’s 2020 hit “My Future” for her audition.

She took the stage after a video preview explained she’d had a near-death experience three years prior. She had a blood infection that caused her to go into septic shock.

“The doctors told my parents that I might not make it through the night,” she said, emotional. “I remember thinking in that moment, ‘If I make it through this I’m not going to be scared to sing in front of people anymore.’ I mean, I was only 17! I was like, ‘I haven’t done anything yet!’”

Not even thirty seconds into her rendition of the pop hit, coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas turned around simultaneously. Blake Shelton joined the rest of the coaches seconds before the end of her performance, making her audition one of the sought-after four-chair turns of the season.

Legend was the first to speak to Anna Grace following her audition, telling the young singer, “I love all of the nuance that you showed and you made such cool choices musically, it was really, really beautiful.”

Anna Grace, hailing from Milwaukee, Wis. took on Billie Eilish’s 2020 hit “my future” for her audition.
Anna Grace, hailing from Milwaukee, Wis. took on Billie Eilish’s 2020 hit “my future” for her audition.The Voice / NBC

Clarkson jumped in by complimenting her song choice, adding, “It just sounds kind of ethereal and you get to use your head voice a lot and as a female, I love that. It’s just a really cool contemporary take on an old-school vibe.”

The Grammy-winning artist told Anna Grace that she loved her voice and had already begun thinking of songs for her to sing throughout the competition that her style would sound good with. She even gave the young artist a few tips moving forward and let her know there was a Team Kelly jacket waiting for her.

“I do think you’re somebody that really has to be protected on a show like this and not let too many outside influences distract you from the path that you want to be on,” Shelton told Anna Grace, setting up one of his infamous teasing moments with another coach. “Nick even turned to me during the audition and was like, ‘Man she would sound great doing country’ and I was like, ‘Nick, I don’t think she would sound good doing country at all, I don’t think that’s her thing,’ and he kept saying, ‘Country! Country!’”

Jonas followed Shelton after revealing their faux interaction, setting up one of his own hilarious moments that had every coach — and Anna Grace — cracking up.

“This show is all about great voices obviously and you are one of the best we’ve heard, so I want to show you something because I want you to make the right choice here,” Jonas said.

He then revealed three separate memes that he claimed to have found on the internet, each poking fun at his fellow coaches.

On a photo of Clarkson shielding her face from the camera, the caption read, “When you can’t face the reality Nick is the best coach.”

A photo of Legend was paired with the text “John ‘Not So’ Legend.”

Shelton was treated with a little less kindness than the other two coaches with Jonas sharing a photo of the country singer holding a puppy with the text overlay that simply read, “Puppy hater.”

Shelton later joked that he is not a “puppy hater.”

“I want everybody at home to know that I am not a puppy hater, I just happened to have a stranglehold on that one particular puppy at that moment,” he later explained to the cameras.

Jonas ended his pitch on a serious note, telling Anna Grace that it would be an honor to be her coach.

In her video preview, Grace had said she wanted to work with Clarkson because she “really connects” with her contestants so it was no surprise when she picked Clarkson as her coach.

“I’m queen of the four chairs,” Clarkson laughed to cameras later, saying that this was her second four-chair turn win of the season. “I’m just saying, people are into this.”

Following the early release of her successful audition, Anna Grace took to her Instagram Stories to share her gratitude for the support.

“i wanna cry😭 thank you so much for all the nice comments and messages!!” she wrote in a text overlay on a selfie. “i was the most nervous i had ever been for that moment and the fact that it turned out the way it did is unreal to me. it definitely wasn’t a perfect performance but the coaches belief in me and my potential is what means so much to me. i can’t want for you guys to see what’s to come. love you all❤️”

Monday night after the episode aired, Grace posted a photo of herself holding a coveted Team Kelly jacket.

"i’m in shock right now, she wrote. "the most incredible experience of my life and i’m so grateful I get the change to work with @kellyclarkson."

She also thanked the other coaches for turning around for her, adding that it's "so unreal."

“The Voice” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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