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'This Is Us' star Milo Ventimiglia on Jack: 'Worry about how he's living,' not how he dies

Jack Pearson is going to die on "This Is Us," but that doesn't merit a spoiler alert. It's just the how and why of it that remain a mystery.
/ Source: TODAY

Jack Pearson is going to die on "This Is Us," but that tidbit doesn't exactly merit a spoiler alert. After all, he's been dead all along.

It's the how and why of his final fate that remain a mystery — for a little while longer at least — and that's what has fans fixated as the season finale approaches.

However, according to star Milo Ventimiglia, that's not the part that should concern them.

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"Everybody's fascinated with knowing how and when and why," the actor said during a Monday night visit to "Jimmy Kimmel Live." "The thing that I keep thinking about or keep talking about to people is (this): Worry about how he's living, why he's living. Those are the moments. You don't want to focus on his death; you want to focus on his life."

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson on "This Is Us."Ron Batzdorff/NBC

But host Kimmel thought he picked up on an important finale clue within that message.

"This is your way of telling people, 'You're not going to learn anything tomorrow night,'" he mused.

"You may!" Ventimilgia said. "I have no idea. Actually, no, I do have an idea."

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And so do viewers. All recent signs on the show have pointed to the season send-off as the episode that will reveal all about Papa Pearson's last day. But whenever it happens, we know it'll be as tough for fans as it is for Jack.

Last week, Ventimiglia told Entertainment Weekly that when the end is nigh, "people are truly going to grieve — not mourn — grieve" for Jack.

But, as he said, it's all about Jack's life in the long run. Thanks to the time-hopping plot, he'll live on no matter what.

"Jack will always be around," he said during a recent interview on TODAY. "I think even now, we know in the present day his character is no more, but he will be around even when we reveal his death."

The season finale of "This Is Us" airs Tuesday night.