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‘King Richard,’ ‘Dead Boy Detectives’: What to watch on Netflix this weekend

The streamer has a slew of new — and new-to-you — content to binge.

Netflix has more content than any one couch potato can watch in a lifetime — which can make finding the platform’s true gems a bit of a challenge. But that’s where we come in.

After combing through all the new, new to us and retro fare gracing the streamer’s digital shelves, we’ve curated the ultimate watch list. Ahead, our top picks for what to watch on Netflix this weekend.

‘King Richard’

Released in 2021, “King Richard” charts the rise of tennis champs Venus and Serena Williams under the coaching of their father, Richard Williams. Executive produced by the real-life Williams sisters, the film stars Will Smith in the titular role (for which he won the best-actor Oscar) and made stars of Saniyya Sidney (Venus) and Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor (Brandy).

Stream it here

‘Dead Boy Detectives’

When deceased teens Charles and Edwin Paine opt out of the afterlife (who knew you could do that?), they remain on earth and find new purpose by investigating supernatural crimes. Based on DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint co-created by Neil Gaiman, of “The Sandman” and “Good Omens” fame, this new original series has Gaiman as an executive producer. And speaking of “The Sandman,” Kirby Howell-Baptiste is expected to reprise her role as Death.

Stream it here

‘The Asunta Case’

After two parents report their 12-year-old adopted daughter missing, a subsequent investigation points the finger back at them. So what really happened on the night Asunta vanished? This six-part true-crime miniseries, which begins streaming April 26, chronicles the case that rocked Spain in 2013 — and the details are both incredible and haunting.

Stream it here

‘Baby Reindeer’

Donny Dunn, a bartender who dreams of becoming a booked-and-busy comedian, shows a lonely customer kindness one day … and she becomes obsessed. Yes, it sounds a little “Misery” having a laugh, but there’s a lot more than meets the first episode in this seven-part limited series.

Created by and starring Richard Gadd, it’s based on Gadd’s own experiences being stalked and assaulted. And even though it’s all critics are talking about right now, we want to warn viewers that the show includes sensitive content, which might be triggering.

Stream it here

‘Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver’

What began as a “Star Wars” universe film that writer/director Zack Snyder was thwarted from making has become a franchise of its own, for good or bad. The original “Rebel Moon” — subtitled “Part One: A Child of Fire” — hit a lot of the same notes as the “Star Wars” films when it released last year, drawing criticism for being visually interesting but subpar in other areas. But that didn’t stop it from becoming a Netflix hit, so … here’s the sequel.  

“Rebel Moon - Part Two” heads to the Veldt moon, where Kora and her warrior crew help farmers defend their home against the Motherworld. It’s either a must-see or a must-jeer — you decide.

Stream it here

‘Boy Swallows Universe’

Eli is a troubled teen: His father isn’t around, his brother’s mute, his mom’s in prison and his stepfather deals heroine. But all is not bleak or hopeless in Brisbane. There’s a surprising amount of magical realism in this seven-parter, thanks to a mysterious red phone.

Based on the 2019 novel by Trent Dalton, this Australian coming-of-age series stars familiar faces in Anthony LaPaglia, Simon Baker and Bryan Brown. And though it dropped on the platform back in January, it’s only a matter of time before it finds its following.

Stream it here