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Tristan Thompson says he doesn’t want his kids ‘embarrassed’ by his cheating scandals

Tristan Thompson said he wants be a "good role model" for his kids.

Tristan Thompson says he is trying to do right by the people he loves.

On Season Four, Episode Eight of "The Kardashians," Tristan sat down with Kylie Jenner to talk about his cheating scandal with Jordyn Woods.

The former NBA player infamously cheated on Khloé Kardashian in 2019 with Kylie's then-best friend, Jordyn.

While apologizing for his involvement in the whole ordeal, Tristan said it's important for him to own up to his misdeeds so he could "try and gain everyone's trust back" in his life.

"At the end of the day, you want your family to be comfortable around you," he said. "You never want someone to look at you side-eye or question your character or your integrity as a human being. That's my motivation for anything. I never want my daughter to go to school and talk so great about me and then a little kid comes and says, 'Oh, well your daddy is like this,' and she'll be embarrassed."

"That will break my heart because she views me in such a high regard," he continued. "You want to be a good influence, a role model for them, so they can be proud of you and say proud (things) like, that's my daddy."

Tristan noted that it was a huge "wake-up call" for him when his life started to change so quickly following the cheating scandal in 2019.

"The three most important things in life; basketball, my mom, family, all that was taken away from me in a year span," he said. "It's like the biggest wake-up call you can get in your life. So, I'm trying to write my wrongs as best as I can while I'm here."

At that point, Kylie said she just wants "the best" for Khloé , and Tristan agreed.

"100%" he replied.

Kylie added, "She's the most magical person on the planet... and she just deserves the absolute best."

Tristan has recently shared similar fears with his co-parent. In an episode of “The Kardashians” that aired earlier this season, he told Khloé something similar.

“True is understanding stuff and Prince understands things where they go to school and they have classmates. The last thing I ever want them to do is feel embarrassed that I’m their father,” he said in the October 2023 episode.

In 2018, rumors surfaced that Woods and Tristan had hooked up while he was in a relationship with Khloé.

During an appearance on “Red Table Talk,” Woods said that Thompson did kiss her when they were at an after-party together.

Then, in 2021, news broke that Thompson fathered a child with another woman while he and Khloé were still together.

After a paternity test revealed that he was the father of fitness model Maralee Nichols' child, Tristan took to Instagram to publicly apologize to Khloé for all the hurt he put her through.

“I take full responsibility for my actions. Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to amicably raising our son," he said at the time.