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‘SNL’ documentary sketch nails the ‘cult-like horrors’ of being a bridesmaid

The harrowing "cult" story is pretty relatable and hilarious.
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever been a bridesmaid, the latest "Saturday Night Live" sketch will speak deeply to your soul.

Over the weekend, the comedic cast hilariously portrayed the joys and horrors that come along with being part of a bridal party in a segment titled "Bridesmaid Cult Documentary."

The sketch compared the intense commitment that comes along with being a bridesmaid to being sucked into a cult, and followed a fictional Netflix documentary titled "I Was A Bridesmaid.”

At the beginning of the clip, “SNL” star Heidi Gardner, while in character, says, “It all started with a box on my doorstep.” Other women then recall how they were asked to be a bridesmaid, including guest host Quinta Brunson who says, "I just got this feeling that it wasn't the kind of question you could say no to."

James Austin Johnson, who portrays an academic cult expert, then explains just how common bridesmaid cults are.

“Each year more than 6 million women fall into this type of cult. They prey on vulnerable groups like college roommates and sisters-in-law," he says.

Anyone who's ever stood up for their close friend on her big day knows the commitment extends far beyond the wedding day, and Gardner emphasizes that at one point.

"They sell you on the big day. I thought it was a one day commitment, but for 18 months, I was fully sucked in," she says.

"SNL" star Ego Nwodim then laments all of the group text chains that come along with being a bridesmaid, and Brunson says she took part in a 200-question poll about bridal party T-shirts.

“These cults also target another vulnerable group: outgoing gay men," Johnson says.

At this point, "SNL" cast member Bowen Yang chimes in and says, “I’ve been a bridesmaid at nine weddings this year. Whenever a girl starts calling me ‘Sis,’ I know I’m in trouble.”

Bridal party duties are always extensive.
Bridal party duties are always extensive.YouTube

Any former bridesmaid knows the job can be pretty pricey, and the "SNL" cast hilariously pays homage to the many expenses that inevitably pop up over the course of the experience.

"I tried to say I couldn't afford to go (to the bachelorette party) because of my student loans. The maid of honor texted back, 'No worries,' with a sparkle emoji," "SNL" star Sarah Sherman says. "I knew what that meant. I sold my car to make it happen." 

There's always one cranky bridesmaid in the bunch.
There's always one cranky bridesmaid in the bunch.YouTube

The group then vents about the "sociopath" maid of honor, played by Molly Kearney, who's responsible for doing the bride's dirty work and reining in all the bridesmaids. In one scene, she even hits one of her friends with a clipboard.

The bridesmaids also bemoan the cost of the dresses they have to purchase.

“I spent $300 on a bridesmaids dress. The bride swore I'd find other times to wear it. Like where am I going that calls for a floor-length, light blue chiffon gown with a modest neckline?” Brunson says.

A fun time was had by all — or was it?
A fun time was had by all — or was it?YouTube

If you've ever had to give a speech at a wedding, you'll feel the bridesmaids' pain on this next one.

“The final ritual was the most demeaning. We had to write and perform original lyrics to 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,'" Yang says.

The big day.
The big day.YouTube

The end of the sketch was also incredibly relatable and perfectly sums up the notion that wedding season is almost never over when your group of friends is all getting engaged around the same time.

"And then, all of a sudden it was over. But I just got engaged! Don't worry, I'm gonna be such a chill bride," Brunson says.