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Are Matt and Colleen from ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 still together?

The aftermath of the pool party debacle goes on and on.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “Love Is Blind” on Netflix.

The new season of "Love Is Blind" is underway. Since Season Three began airing in October, it's only natural to wonder which of the five couples will say "I do" on their wedding days, including Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed.

Reed had a bumpy journey toward Bolton, 26. She met and connected with Cole Barnett and Brennon Lemieux first — and was rejected by both (Barnett and Lemieux got engaged to other women).

Then, she reconnected with Bolton, 28, her now fiancé. Although in the pods Bolton and Reed shared a deep emotional connection, they soon learned in the real world their relationship might not be as strong as it seemed.

Here’s what we know so far about Bolton and Reed’s relationship ahead of the season finale which appears on Netflix Nov. 9.

Bolton and Reed open up to each other in the pods

Reed told Barnett she was afraid of "getting deep" — but she does just that with Bolton, and he does it right back. Bolton reveals that he was previously married and that his 10 year-long relationship ended with infidelity. Bolton says this led to trust issues, which emerge later on in the season.

Bolton and Reed bond over their shared desire to find a partner that will challenge them and help them grow. Bolton proposes in Episode Four, and she accepts his proposal.

Bolton and Barnett's pool party conversation poses a challenge

After getting engaged in the pods in Episode Three, Bolton and Reed's relationship hits a rough patch when they meet the other couples in Malibu.

On the last night of their vacation, Barnett and Reed connect in the pool. While talking in the pool about their individual relationships, Reed asks Barnett a question.

"Who would your initial type be?" she says. To which Barnett responds, "You."

Bolton confronts Reed in their apartment about her conversation with Barnett. She tells him that the conversation meant nothing and that she loves him, and only him. Bolton appears to be unsure about whether or not to trust his finance — at one point saying, "I'm out."

The couple makes up after the heated discussion, but it's not their last fight on the show.

Bolton and Reed meet the parents

When Reed meets Bolton's family, his mom greets her with a huge hug — and lots and lots of questions.

"So, what was it about Matt?" Bolton's mom asks Reed while she's surrounded by him and his family. "Our conversations, I literally cannot stop smiling," Reed replies, going on to say she thinks of him as a "strong man."

When Bolton's mom then tells the couple that every marriage has conflict, Reed addresses the problems they've already shared. Without going into detail, she tells Bolton's mom that, after their argument, Bolton says he was "done" with the relationship.

"And I was like, 'I'm gonna fight for you cause I've never felt this kind of love,'" Reed says.

Where are Bolton and Reed now?

Although Reed tells to Bolton's mom in Episode Seven that she's not going anywhere, much can change in the remaining episodes of the season, which concludes on Nov. 9.

On Oct. 27, Reed posted a picture of her in Malibu seemingly referring to the post pool party drama. "These most recent episodes have shown some of our toughest moments but also amazing memories that I’ll forever cherish," she said in the caption.

They don't follow each other on Instagram.