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Fans shocked after 'Jeopardy!' contestants miss this question about the Lord's Prayer

Users on Twitter have thoughts and prayers over the prompt that left three contestants completely quiet.

The latest “Jeopardy!” flub has the internet divided on who needs Jesus.

During a June 12 episode of the quiz show, all three contestants were left in an oblivious daze after a prompt asked them to complete the Lord’s Prayer — a cornerstone of Christian invocation and prayer. On Twitter, the moment quickly incited a semi-hilarious flurry of name-calling, accusations of heathenry and arguments over the state of our world religions.

The trouble began when host Mayim Bialik read the prompt to the show’s contestants, Suresh Krishnan, Laura Blyler and Joe Seibert.

During this point of the show, Krishnan was ahead by $1,600, Seibert was behind at -$200, and Blyler was also in the negative at -$400.

Reading the contestant-stumping prompt, Bialik said, “Matthew 6:9 says, ‘Our Father Which Art in Heaven’ this ‘be thy name,’” she recited only to wait in silence for a buzz from the contestants that would never come.

Bialik eventually came to the rescue with the answer, sharing that it was “Hallowed be thy name.”

On Twitter, reactions from viewers of the show ping-ponged between utter dismay and points from others that the prayer belongs to one religion in a world of many.

“3 @Jeopardy contestants didn’t know the opening to The Lord’s Prayer,” one user wrote. “This is why our nation is broken. It’s 'Hallowed,' you heathens!”

“An error of biblical proportions: Jeopardy! Fans explode after ALL three contestants fail to solve simple puzzle about the Lord’s Prayer- so do you know the answer?” another tweeted.

Meanwhile, some argued that the Lord’s Prayer isn’t part of every religion or even every Christian denomination.

“I agree with your point,” one commented. “But in fairness, I’m very religious, and I couldn’t recite to lords prayer from memory. My denomination doesn’t really do that. Like, I didn’t grow up reciting repetitive prayers because we believed in just praying from the heart in the moment.”

“Could not believe they didn’t know HALLOWED,” replied another. “It’s not even my religion, and I knew it. A 10-year-old would know it. Seems like they let anyone with a pulse play Jeopardy now. Suresh has lucked out and will get destroyed in the TOC.”

“Dangit. Even my atheist friend knew this,” one wrote in the comments. “Goodness.”

According to a 2022 article from Pew Research Center, Christianity accounts for 31% of the world’s population, though the size continues to dwindle year by year.