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Jenna Lyons gives update on whether she’ll return to ‘Real Housewives’ next season

The former president of J. Crew also explained why she didn't make an appearance at BravoCon earlier this month.
/ Source: TODAY

Business guru and fashion designer Jenna Lyons is hinting at whether or not fans can expect her return to the "Real Housewives of New York" next season.

Appearing on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna on Nov. 24, the 55-year-old said she's also "wondering" about a comeback to RHONY after making her big debut Season 14.

"I did it for a reason," Lyons said of her thought process behind being on the show. "I have a business and I want to support that business and it's had a much bigger halo than I ever expected."

"But I also am in a relationship now and I have to take that into consideration," she continued. "How that impacts not just me but the people around me. So I have some thinking to do."

TODAY co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager pointed out that Lyons notably wasn't at BravoCon earlier this month, to which the former president of J. Crew pointed to "a lot of combinations of things."

"Mostly, I just had a lot going on and you had to fly to Las Vegas. It's also, that is a lot of attention in a very intense way with fans and in the end I don't know if that was — maybe not for me," she said.

Lyons was, however, at the RHONY reunion in October, when she shocked fans by sporting jeans as opposed to the typical "glammed up" look.

“It’s interesting because I didn’t expect this to have such a shock wave and I was really surprised — both on the side of people loving it and supporting it and people being like, ‘How could you do that? That’s not allowed.’ And I was like ‘Where’s the rulebook I was not given?’” she told Hoda and Jenna.

Lyons explained that she didn't plan her outfit prior to the reunion episode and decided in the dressing room that morning that she would rock jeans.

When asked about being compared to the "glam" style of her fellow housewives, Lyons said, "There’s plenty of people already doing that. I can do my own thing."

However, Lyons also noted that, though she's "grateful" for the "incredible experience," she doesn't want to be defined by the title of "housewife," reminding fans that she "had a whole life prior to this."

"You know, it's different, I used to get stopped on the street for accomplishments and now I get stopped on the street because I'm a TV star, and that's weird. That is really strange," she said.

After Jenna asked Lyons how she feels about "breaking the mold" of what a reality star typically looks like, Lyons said that's "probably why they asked me to be a part of the show."

"I don't think I showed up exactly as what people might have expected, but I think the side effect that has been amazing is the number of people who said, 'Thank you. It's so nice to see someone who reminds me of me.'"

Aside from her bold fashion choices, Lyons has also made a splash in the "Real Housewives" community as being the first openly gay New York housewife. The star said she's been met with people on the street, expressing their gratitude for her being a voice on the show.

"Parents often times in the community are the ones who put the most pressure on the kids to be 'normal' and 'fit in.' And so for some of the parents to come to me and say, 'It feels so good to see my kid can have a life and be successful and be OK and be out in the open,' that's a really huge reward. And also for young kids to be like, 'It's so nice for me to see that out there.' I feel a lot of pride," she told Hoda and Jenna.