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Chevy’s holiday ad about a dad and his late wife’s old car is leaving people weeping

A new Chevy commercial shows a daughter giving her grieving father a special holiday gift in memory of her mother.
A new Chevy commercial has a daughter surprising her dad with a special Christmas gift after the loss of his wife.
A new Chevy commercial has a daughter surprising her dad with a special Christmas gift after the loss of his wife.Chevrolet

A classic 1966 Chevy Impala and a daughter's special gift to her grieving father will leave you wiping away tears from a new holiday commercial.

A four-minute Chevrolet ad titled "Holiday Ride" shows a man struggling with his emotions as he sits in a dilapidated old Chevy Impala in his barn, staring at an old photo of his wife as a young woman and remembering her excitement when she first got the car.

He breaks down in tears as he thinks of his late wife, and his daughter sees him overcome with emotion as he changes the holiday wreath on the front of the barn.

The daughter remembers her mother teaching her to drive in the Impala and decides to recruit some friends of her family to give her dad a gift he won't forget.

They gather together to refurbish the car with new parts and a new coat of paint.

The man smiles in shock when they surprise him with the revitalized car, which now has the picture of his wife framed and hanging from the rearview mirror.

"It’s what Mom would’ve wanted," his daughter says as she hops in for a ride with him. "You know that."

"It’s the best Christmas gift I could ever have," the man says.

The commercial has people getting misty around the holidays.

"Second time I’ve seen this @chevrolet commercial in the last hour or so. Second time I’ve teared up. Ah… nailed it!" news anchor Julie Gargotta tweeted.

"I’m not bawling at a @chevrolet commercial you are!!" another person tweeted.

"When you're just trying to enjoy football sunday but that Chevrolet commercial has made you cry several times today," another person tweeted.

The tear-jerker from Chevy joins the list of heartwarming holiday commercials over the years, including this year's emotional ad from McDonald's, and last year's commercials by Kohl's and a German pharmacy company.