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Watch this viral Christmas ad until the very end, and try not to cry

A Christmas commercial by a Dutch pharmacy company has left in the internet in tears by showing the reason for a grandpa's inspired kettlebell workout.
/ Source: TODAY

Let a German grandfather and his inspired fitness regimen with a rusty old kettlebell get you in the Christmas spirit.

A new commercial from the Dutch mail-order pharmacy Doc Morris has left the internet in tears by showing the reason behind a grandfather's drive to get in shape for Christmas with his family.

The spot created by the German ad agency Jung von Matt shows an older man waking up early in the morning to an alarm and deciding to dust off an old kettlebell in his workshop to get in shape.

He starts by barely being able to drag it around outside as the neighbors gawk and give him skeptical looks. Soon he's walking every day in a track suit and lifting the kettlebell while looking at an unseen photo for inspiration.

When the big day comes, the man dresses up for the holiday with his family and takes a carefully wrapped Christmas gift to his daughter's home.

He hands the present to his smiling granddaughter, who unwraps it to see it's a beautiful star for their Christmas tree.

That's when the reason for all the grandfather's workouts is revealed, as he lifts up his granddaughter so she can place the star on the top of the tree.

"So that you can take care of what really matters in life," is written in German at the end of the commercial.

The man's daughter is shown crying, and the internet has pretty much followed suit after seeing the commercial, which has been viewed more than 7 million times on YouTube and millions more on social media.

"This commercial took me down and made me cry right at my work desk today," one person tweeted. "I showed it to three coworkers, and all three also ended up in tears. This is absolutely lovely."

"I did not know where this was going but now.... I’m ugly crying," another tweeted.

"When a German chemist wins Xmas. Well played @docmorris," another person tweeted.

There must be something with grandfathers and Christmas in Germany, considering a 2015 Christmas ad for the German supermarket Edeka also went viral for a dramatic plot twist involving a grandpa. This one was a little less heartwarming, leaving TODAY's Savannah Guthrie saying, "That is the worst thing I have ever seen."

The Doc Morris commercial looks be right at the front of the line in the competition for this year's most heartwarming Christmas spot, following Steve Carell as Santa in a commercial for Xfinity and a Kohl's holiday commercial about the sweet friendship between a little girl and an older neighbor while in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.