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Kohl's holiday commercial beautifully captures the power of connection

A little girl strikes up a special friendship with an older neighbor in the emotional ad.
/ Source: TODAY

A new Kohl's holiday commercial is tugging viewers' heartstrings.

The emotional 90-second ad shows a little girl striking up a sweet friendship with an older neighbor while in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. The spot, part of Kohl's new "Give With All Your Heart" campaign, was created by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz for the ad agency Yard NYC.

The commercial kicks off with the little girl appearing in a window with a colorful homemade sign reading "Hi." An older woman who lives in the house opposite her responds with her own sign reading, "Nice to meet you."

Kohl's new holiday ad finds a little girl striking up a friendship with an older neighbor while in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.YouTube

The unlikely pals began chit chatting through written messages. But things take a turn after one of the girl's messages goes unanswered for weeks. She stands at her window wondering what became of her new friend. When Christmas morning approaches, she's still forlorn — until she sees neighbor reappear across the way.

The unlikely friends communicate using hand drawn signs they place in their windows.YouTube

A hospital band on the older woman's wrist lets viewers know she'd been ill during her absence. Soon, the two friends are communicating again, making both their holidays a lot more cheerful.

The little girl worries when her neighbor doesn't appear at her window for weeks on end.YouTube

The uplifting commercial ends when the older woman holds up a sign asking, "Did you get what you wished for?" The little girl nods happily.

When the older woman appears in her window again, she's seen wearing a hospital bracelet.YouTube

As if the ad could get any more emotional, it's set to Willie Nelson's cover of the song "Rainbow Connection" from "The Muppet Movie."

The heartwarming ad celebrates the power of connecting with others.YouTube

It's the perfect celebration of friendship, which we could all use a little more of in 2020.

“It was an honor to work with such a collaborative team to bring some hope to this holiday season, in a year where it’s needed more than ever,” director Saiz told Shoot of the holiday ad. “I think that through this emotional time, positive connection is what we all are looking for. I think we can all relate to the little girl longing for a friend.”

Many people have taken to the comments section on the YouTube video to applaud the creators for heartwarming narrative.

One person commented, "I was not emotionally prepared when I saw this on TV. Well done."

"This made me cry omg...," another added, while someone else wrote, "Hit me right in the feels."

Watch the sweet Kohl's holiday commercial in the video above!