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HGTV stars Erin and Ben Napier call out ‘nasty’ comments about their renovations

They have a message for those leaving "really rude" comments on Erin Napier's Instagram.

Erin and Ben Napier have no time for online haters.

The "Home Town" stars just clapped back at social media users who have left rude comments about the homes the couple has designed for their clients.

In a video posted to her Instagram page, Erin Napier told her followers that she needed to address an important topic.

“The comments on my Instagram have been really not nice,” she said.

In the background, Ben Napier chimed in and described the comments as “nasty.”

Erin Napier went on to say that some of the comments people post are “really rude” and explained that she and her husband design homes for “people who really live in them.”

“And they really read your comments. You’re not hurting my feelings at all, but you are being really ugly to the people who are living in these houses. And if you can’t think of something nice to say about these people’s homes ...” she said.

“Don’t say anything at all,” Ben Napier said, finishing her sentence.

Throughout the short video, Erin Napier got the message across without raising her voice or expressing anger.

"You know better, guys. Do better. Be sweet, like I tell my little girls, 'Y'all can be grown-ups and be sweet,'" she said. 

Ben Napier spoke up at this point and shared his perspective on the potential motivation of the online trolls.

"But here's the thing. I'm afraid that a lot of people out there are being rude and being mean because they want to be hurtful. And that's the saddest thing about social media," he said.

Erin Napier then encouraged anyone who has this attitude to "unfollow" her on social media.

“I can do that for you if you’d like," she said to those who should unfollow her. "Thank you so much for being here today. I hope y’all have a great day. All of you who love sweet comments, keep on being you. You’re awesome,” she said.

Erin Napier echoed the message in her caption, writing, "As my mama would say, y’all act like you’ve got some raising."

The HGTV star's followers seemed to dig the uplifting message and took to the comments section to share some positive reactions.

"Good for you calling the nonsense out! Rude comments are uncalled for," one wrote.

Another left the following comment: "I’m sorry. I love your shows and your work. I’ve been viewing since episode one. I’m glad you spoke up. Block those people. No time for that!"

One other Instagram user showered the Napiers with lots of love.

"I can’t imagine anyone having anything derogatory to say about you guys or the lovely homes you create for those lucky individuals! I watch your show, not only because I LOVE your design, but I also love how you are! You are good humans and watching your show reminds me that there are still many out there. Keep up the good work, you two! You are 👏 ❤🙌," they wrote.