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‘And Just Like That...’ trailer hints at Carrie’s single life — and how she reaches out to Aidan

The trailer finds Carrie and Aidan reuniting one year after the death of Mr. Big.
/ Source: TODAY

A new full-length trailer for Season Two of "And Just Like That..." is exciting fans — especially those who've been Team Aidan all along.

The trailer, which Max (formerly HBO Max) released June 1, kicks off with recent widow Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) beginning a new chapter in her life, which includes reuniting with her ex Aidan Shaw (John Corbett).

“You don’t move on because you’re ready to. You move on because you’ve outgrown who you used to be,” Carrie says in a voiceover at the trailer's start.

Carrie and Aidan
Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan (John Corbett) are seen reuniting in the new full-length trailer for Season Two of "And Just Like That..."Max via YouTube

The trailer explains that it's been one year since Carrie lost her husband, Mr. Big (Chris Noth), who died suddenly at the onset of Season One.

The trailer brims with glimpses from the upcoming season, which premieres June 22. Carrie has officially left the swank digs she shared with Mr. Big to return to the apartment where she lived as a single woman.

And just like that, she's discovered that ovens and stoves can be used for more than storing off-season fashions.

The end of the trailer brings the moment the Team Aidan crowd has been waiting for ever since news broke in August 2022 that John Corbett had been added to the reboot’s cast.

The camera pans to an email Carrie is composing on her laptop. The recipient? Her furniture-designing former love.

“Hey Stranger… Remember me? IF this is still your email, it’s me — Carrie,” the email reads. The text goes on to reveal Carrie telling Aidan he’s been on her mind.

“I wondered how you were doing,” she writes.

Moments later, the trailer shows the former couple catching up in a restaurant.

"Sitting here with you is like 10 years just — ," Aidan tells Carrie, snapping his fingers to illustrate his point.

Many fans who watched the trailer on YouTube popped into the comments to say how thrilled they were to see good-guy Aidan again.

"OMG! Aiden Shaw! The one that got away! He is back! Soo excited!!" gushed one.

"So happy to see Aidan The poor guy is still head over heels for Carrie. Please girl, don’t hurt him again, treat him right this time," wrote another.

The trailer also provides a peek at what’s going on in the lives of Carrie’s besties, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis).

Miranda is seen currently living in Los Angeles while her partner Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) films a sitcom pilot. But is trouble plaguing the lovebirds?

“I don’t know who you are. Is there something you’re not telling me?” Miranda is seen asking someone off-screen.

Meanwhile, is the ever-domestic Charlotte getting a little restless? She’s seen arriving home drunk to the luxury apartment she shares with husband Harry (Evan Handler) and their two kids.

“We are all blissfully unaware when our lives are about to change,” Carries says in her voiceover.

The trailer comes one day after the series announced that original “Sex and the City” cast member Kim Cattrall would reprise the role of Samantha in a brief appearance in Season Two of "And Just Like That..."

Prior to now, Cattrall, who had been embroiled in an alleged feud with Parker — and who previously refused to film a third “Sex and the City” movie — had publicly said she’d retired the role of Samantha.

Cattrall posted the news of her return to Instagram June 1 alongside a simple caption.

"Happy Pride," she wrote.