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Tony Goldwyn's wife: What he's shared about 'the incredible' Jane Musky

Goldwyn shares the secret to his nearly four decade-long marriage.

Tony Goldwyn's "Scandal" character wasn't exactly the model husband. In real life, the actor has been married to his wife Jane Musky since 1987.

The 63-year-old, who recently joined the cast of "Law and Order," is known for his roles in hits such as "Tarzan" "Oppenheimer" and "Ghost." Musky, 69, also has an impressive list of accolades that she's acquired behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Ready to learn more about Goldwyn's longtime love? Here's everything you need to know about Musky's personal and professional life.

Jane Musky is a production designer

Musky has worked on several films as a production dsigner, including "When Harry Met Sally," "Maid in Manhattan," "Hitch" and "Mona Lisa Smile." Most recently, she has worked on films such as "Hustlers," "Marry Me" and "The People We Hate at the Wedding," per IMDB.

Jane Musky helped Tony Goldwyn score his breakout role in 'Ghost'

During an interview with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb in 2019, Goldwyn revealed that his wife helped get a part in the 1990 film “Ghost.”

Musky was working as the production designer for the film and encouraged her husband to go for an acting role on the project.

“That’s how I got the part,” he said. “I was a semi-employed actor, struggling, and Jane was this big fancy production designer.”

Goldwyn said Musky kept “bugging” him about it so he asked his agent if he could get an audition. He went on to take the part of Carl Bruner, the main antagonist.

“Through a miracle, we ended up working on it together,” he said.

Why their marriage has made it, according to Goldwyn

While talking with TODAY's Hoda Kotb in 2019, Goldwyn guessed why his marriage has gone the distance and lavished praise on his wife.

“Jane is just the most incredible human being that I know, and she is just a very salt of the earth person. I knew when I was 21 when I met her, I better hang on because I’ll never come across this again,” he explained.

Like all couples, the actor noted that he and Musky have encountered their share of obstacles. But he said they've always been committed to making things work.

"At times where we've been having difficulty, we just looked at each other and were like, 'Well, are you willing to work on this? Yeah.' It takes both people to look at each other and (say), 'OK, let's mutually agree, even though we're having a hard time, we're gonna work on it together,'" he said.

"Over time, that cycle kind of repeats itself and you work out more and more of the kinks," he said, adding that he's always had an immense "respect" for his wife.

The couple has two daughters

In 1990, Musky and Goldwyn welcomed their first child, a daughter named Anna. During a 2019 interview with TODAY's Hoda Kotb, the actor joked that he and his wife decided they were ready to have children after his breakout "Ghost" role.

"That's how Anna, our oldest daughter (came about). We finally were like, 'Ok, I guess we can have kids now cause I have a job. It looks like I'll get another one,'" he said.

The couple welcomed a second daughter named Tess in 1995. When she turned 25 in 2020, Goldwyn shared the following message on Instagram: "Beyond blessed to have this woman in my life. Her spirit inspires me every day. Happy 25th to my beautiful Tess!"

Tony Goldwyn's wife didn't watch his 'Scandal' sex scenes

"Scandal" viewers regularly watched Goldwyn's character get hot and heavy on screen, but the star's wife wasn't one of them. During a 2013 appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," the actor said his wife didn't make a habit of tuning in to his hit show.

“The honest answer is, my wife doesn’t watch it,” he said. “She watched the pilot and thought it was great, but yeah...I don’t encourage it.”

On the other hand, Goldwyn said his daughters find his sex scenes “disgusting and hilarious.”