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Teacher promises students he'll shake off final exam if Taylor Swift calls

Only Taylor Swift can save some Billings, Montana students from their final exam now.
/ Source: TODAY

Students at one Billings, Montana school are hoping a teacher's promise to them isn't something Taylor Swift will just shake off.

World history teacher Colter Pierce, who teaches at Skyview High School, promised student Ike Stoner that he wouldn't administer finals if Stoner got Taylor Swift to give Pierce a call. Colter signed the agreement on a whiteboard and shook hands with Stoner on it, and the photo went up on Twitter May 20.

From there it just took off. "It got out of hand fast," Pierce told KTVQ. "It escalated quickly ... at last check, 107,000 [Facebook shares]." (It's now over 267,000.)

"It was kind of a joke, really. I just wanted to see if I could get more followers on Twitter," said Stoner.

So far, no call from Swift and no acknowledgement of the "joke" on her Twitter feed has emerged (and since she is on tour, she may have other things keeping her busy).

This isn't the first Swift connection to final exams; back in 2012 the Lins brothers made a funny video about how they incorporated the pop princess' music into their studying routine.

Meanwhile, Stoner lives in hope: "Come on, Taylor," he said. "Please call for us."

She has just under two weeks to make good; either way there'll hopefully be no bad blood between her and the students.

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