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Sylvester Stallone shares 1st photos from his 'This Is Us' guest spot

When the hit drama returns for its sophomore season, expect to see a heavy hitter among the stars — none other than the "Rocky" legend himself.
/ Source: TODAY

When "This Is Us" returns for its sophomore season in the fall, expect to see a heavy hitter as a guest star — none other than "Rocky" legend Sylvester Stallone.

Of course, fans still have to wait before they can see the action hero in action, but he found a way to make the wait more bearable.

Over the weekend, Stallone posted a sneak peek of his time on the set.

In one photo, the champ appears alongside Papa Pearson star Milo Ventimiglia, and while Stallone is making a fist in the shot, his big smile shows how happy he is just to be there with the actor.

"My good buddy Milo Ventimiglia who was nice enough to invite me to be on the show," the 71-year-old wrote in the caption on Instagram.

Really, Ventimiglia was just returning the favor. After all, he starred alongside Stallone in 2006's "Rocky Balboa," as Rocky's son.

In another pic, Stallone takes a playful hit from one of the show's leading ladies.

"Getting punched out by the amazing (Chrissy Metz)," he wrote.

But it's Justin Hartley, who plays Ventimiglia's son and Metz's brother on the series, who got a close-up pic with Stallone — and an up-close plot line.

The veteran actor will play "a big part" alongside Hartley, but it'll be a limited part, too.

Stallone is only scheduled to appear in one episode.

Season 2 of "This Is Us" premieres Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.