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OK Go soar 'Upside Down and Inside Out' in high-flying zero-gravity video

/ Source: Today

OK Go may perform fun pop songs, but it's their eye-popping, visual videos we remember best.

They've dazzled us on treadmills, with Rube Goldberg devices and optical illusions so far, just to name a few. For the group's latest video they're reaching higher than they've ever dared before — literally!

In their new video for "Upside Down & Inside Out," the OK Go guys (Damian Kulash, Jr., Timothy Nordwind, Andy Ross, Dan Konopka) soar above the clouds and then float in midair all thanks to the wonders of zero gravity.

As they explain in their extensive FAQ about the video (which includes an easy-to-read scientific explanation of the challenges they faced), the band and crew spent three weeks near the Cosmonaut Training Center in Russia and ultimately went on 21 flights with 15 zero gravity ascent/descent parabolas in each flight. They were assisted by Russian airline S7, and they shared their flights with two air hostesses who are also trained aerial acrobats.

Gravity is just a habit, according to OK Go.OK GO / Facebook

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In the video, they perform all kids of fun floating stunts and make it look as if it was all done in one continuous take, but as they explain in the FAQ, due to the nature of reduced gravity flying, they could only film for about 27 seconds at a time in actual weightlessness.

And since we know you're wondering, yes: There was lots of nausea. Over the course of the flights, "there were 58 puke events," says the FAQ. "Luckily, this was a group of very committed adventurers, so we all soldiered through and eventually got accustomed to the crazy sensations."

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Now, that's dedication to your art!

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