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Kim Kardashian addresses Tom Brady dating rumors at his Netflix roast

The reality television star delivered a few jokes after being welcomed to the stage with audible boos from the crowd.
/ Source: TODAY

Kim Kardashian playfully mocked dating rumors involving her and Tom Brady during the retired quarterback’s Netflix roast. 

The reality television star was in attendance at the live event May 5 and joined a group of comedians who took the stage to poke fun at Brady.

When host Kevin Hart asked Kardashian to deliver a few jokes, the audience wasn’t receptive at first. Multiple boos rang out from the crowd as Kardashian attempted to speak. 

“All right, all right,” she repeated as Hart also encouraged the audience to settle down. 

Kardashian started to win the crowd over as she made fun of Hart’s height. She then turned to the others onstage and quipped that she couldn’t write jokes about them because “I literally don’t know who you are.”

She then pivoted to Brady saying, “I’m really here tonight for Tom.”

She referenced past headlines that speculated she and the former NFL athlete were dating.

“Speaking of Tom and I dating, I know there were some rumors that we were, and I’d never say if we did or not. I’d just release the tape,” she joked. 

The crowd responded with laughter and cheers. She then made jokes comparing Brady to Caitlyn Jenner, and then told Brady she felt a bit bad about watching him get roasted. Then she added, “But I think enough of my family members helped defend former football players.”

She ended her set with some encouraging words for Brady.

“Retirement isn’t easy. It can be a lot like a bad breakup. So I’ll give you the same advice that I give all my exes: Good luck knowing the best is behind you. Congratulations, Tom,” she concluded. 

Kardashian returned to her seat in the crowd as the Kia Forum erupted with applause.

In his defense routine at the end of the roast, Brady addressed Kardashian, saying, “Kim Kardashian, thanks so much for being here. Kim was terrified to be here tonight — not because of this but because her kids are at home with their dad.”

At home, viewers reacted to Kardashian’s appearance, pointing out the boos but also complimented her on X. 

One person tweeted, “Who had Kim Kardashian with an absolutely brutal joke?”

Another said, “Shout out to whoever wrote that ‘my family has defended enough ex-football players’ joke for Kim Kardashian for this #TomBradyRoast.”