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Taylor Swift cast famous actors to play her future children in ‘Anti-Hero’ music video

We did not see this coming!

Taylor Swift stopped everything in her new “Anti-Hero” music video to deliver a two-minute comedy sketch about her own funeral, and fans are still reeling — especially after seeing who Swift cast to play her grown children.

The funny sketch imagines Swift’s future memorial service, and plays out what Swift describes as one of her “nightmare scenarios” — in which her son’s wife kills her “for the money.”

Swift’s daughter-in-law, Kimber, is played by none other than Mary Elizabeth Ellis, known for her roles as The Waitress in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and Lisa Palmer in “Santa Clarita Diet.” Ellis, who is married to "It's Always Sunny" star Charlie Day, also appeared in "Licorice Pizza" last year.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia co-stars in the sketch as Kimber’s husband (and Swift’s imaginary son), Preston. 

John Early, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Mike Birbiglia with Taylor Swift on set of Swift's new music video "Anti-Hero."
Swift shared a candid photo of John Early, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Mike Birbiglia from the new music video for "Anti-Hero."@taylorswift via Instagram

John Early is also brilliant as Swift’s other grown son, Chad, who we learn has profited off his mom’s legacy with projects including a book titled, “Growing Up Swift” and a podcast called “Life Comes At You Swiftly.”

Ellis is pitch-perfect as the entitled and money-obsessed Kimber — who can’t believe Swift didn’t even leave her kids her beach house, but is instead turning it into a cat sanctuary (“What? Cats don’t even like the beach!”).

Fans couldn’t get over the hilarious casting, with one person tweeting, “The funeral scene is everything mary Elizabeth Ellis is an ICON.”


Others loved that Ellis’ character was sporting an outfit worn by Swift in 2009, not to mention channeling the singer’s signature blond curls from that time.

“hahahaah Mary Elizabeth Ellis with the OG T-Swift hair,” one person tweeted.

In the sketch, Kimber, Preston and Chad are horrified to discover that the late Swift has only left them an inheritance of 13 cents, and the funeral service quickly dissolves into an all-out brawl over their late mother’s assets — ending with an accusation from Chad that Kimber, in fact, murdered her mother-in-law.

“Kimber was the last one with her!” he  yells. “She didn’t fall off the balcony, she was pushed!” 

Fans loved the campy sequence and its surprise celebrity stars — with even Birbiglia admitting he hadn’t had this one on his bingo card for 2022.

“The casting decision I did not see coming,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of him and Swift mimicking his character’s hammy tears in the music video.

“At least we have our (very sincere) love… and Chad,” Ellis commented on his post.

“Anti-Hero” is a track from Swift’s 10th studio album, “Midnights,” which dropped at midnight on Oct. 21.