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All of the best reactions to Taylor Swift's 'Midnights'

Other people may work hard, but Swifties work harder.

After the magical and chaotic night that was the Oct. 21 release of "Midnights," Taylor Swift's 10th studio album (which crashed Spotify upon its release,) the Swifties have been deployed to share their thoughts on the internet.

Appropriately, Swift released the original 13 tracks on the album at midnight on Friday. She touted a "3 a.m. chaotic surprise" for the past week, leaving fans inquisitive about what it could possibly be. Turns out, Swift had another seven tracks up her sleeve, bringing the count of songs on the album to 20.

Since the album's release, Swift has also released a music video for the song "Anti-Hero," which is already sending fans reeling with its relatable self-deprecating lyrics.

To see some of the best (and funniest) reactions to any and all things "Midnights," keep reading.

Swifties never fail to make us laugh

In typical fashion, fans are having reactions to specific songs.

One user tweeted their appreciation for the song "Lavender Haze," which seemingly addresses rumors of an engagement between Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

"if you’re not shaking your a-- to lavender haze grow up" the tweet reads.

One of the songs people are having some of the biggest reactions to is "Vigilante S---" for its more sensual undertones, a departure from the sound of the remainder of the album.

One user used pictures of Lois from "Family Guy" to express how she felt listening to the song "Anti-Hero" (which people are also having hilarious reactions to) compared to "Vigilante S---."

One user also made a hilarious prediction of what's to come for Swift's impending tour.

"midnights tour is age restricted because she's going to bring a man on stage during vigilante s--- and sacrifice him" the tweet reads.

Sign us up for that!

One user even commented that she needed her favorite TODAY Show mug to get her through the morning while listening to "Midnights" with her daughter.

"If you live with a very devoted @taylorswift13 fan, you may need a little extra help from your favorite @TODAYshow mug this morning. #12amalarm #3amalarm #TSmidnighTS" the tweet reads. We're honored and always here to help, Kelly.

Some are even incorporating other significant pop culture references into their reactions. One user referenced Olivia Wilde's now-famous salad dressing.

The tweet reads: "Olivia Wilde listening to vigilante s--- while making her salad dressing"

Journalist Brittany Spanos, who interviewed Harry Styles for his most recent Rolling Stone cover shoot, had a great reflection after listening to "Midnights."

"three men i’ve dated have texted me about midnights…i AM the problem it IS me," she said, referencing the catchy lyrics to the third track on "Midnights," "Anti-Hero."

Another Swiftie tweeted her analysis of the song "Maroon" on the album, expressing that she thinks it's a more mature extension of "Red" in a hilariously crafted tweet.

"me tomorrow morning on one hour of sleep explaining to my coworkers that MAROON is a darker & more mature shade of RED which as everyone knows is a key color in taylor swift’s discography & especially in some of her most personal songs so this is a reflection of her growth–" the tweet reads.

One person tweeted that, although he didn't listen to the album himself, his girlfriend did — and she had a relatable reaction:

"Happy Taylor swift album release night. I haven’t listened to the album yet, but my gf did and now she’s giving herself bangs," he tweeted. Same, quite frankly!!

Celebrities love 'Midnights' too!

It's not just us laypeople who are fans of Taylor Swift — celebrities love and admire her work too.

The Twitter account for Hulu show "Only Murders in the Building" wanted to give their appreciation for "Midnights" along with the rest of us by tweeting a picture of Martin Short holding the album.

Even Reese Witherspoon loves "Midnights." She shared her appreciation for the teaser trailer for the album in a tweet:

And author John Green self-identifies as a Swiftie and shared his love for her artistry.

"Taylor Swift’s music is such a gift to the world, and the way she fosters community is so brilliant, and I love Midnights, and everyone should be able to love what and whom they love earnestly and without irony or cynicism or apology," he said in his tweet.

Singer Maisie Peters also revealed that Ed Sheeran texted her ahead of the release of "Midnights." That's a crossover episode if we've ever heard one.

"ed sheran texted me saying happy midnights day i love it when dad supports mom," Peters tweeted.

Rachel Zegler, who recently starred as Maria in Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story," is also not secretive about her Swiftie status.

She tweeted, "i love hysterically crying while dancing around my apartment thank you taylor swift"

Olympian Laurie Hernandez even shared her positive thoughts about "Midnights."

"ok wait midnight is DELIGHTFUL," she tweeted.

Singer Gracie Abrams also shared her gratitude for the album. "Everyone say thank you Taylor," she tweeted.

The Swifties seemingly are massive fans of 'Midnights'

All jokes aside, Swifties are really excited about the album's release, and have no problem expressing their gratitude to their monarch.

One user tweeted, "did taylor swift just drop a 20 songs album with no skips"

Another user explained the ritual of listening to "Midnights" for the first time and the spiritual experience that comes with a new Swift album drop.

"Getting up before sunrise, lighting a candle, putting on headphones, and pressing play on a Taylor Swift album I’m about to hear for the first time and will consequently become insufferable about….. my favorite religious experience" they tweeted.

Another Swiftie expressed their gratitude for Swift's honest lyrics.

"taylor swift being brave enough to use her platform to share and spread light on sensitive topics is one of the main reasons i will always love her" they said.