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Lizzo re-creates Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s ‘Renaissance’ tour dance – and absolutely nails it

“DEVOURED,” one person said after watching Lizzo nail the choreography.

It looks like Lizzo has what it takes to go on tour with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy.

On June 28, Lizzo shared a fun TikTok video of herself at Beyoncé's Renaissance tour concert in Poland. While a sea of fans watched Bey perform "My Power" on stage, Lizzo was seen re-creating the same dance that Blue Ivy sometimes performs next to her mom on the tour.

While being videographed by one of her friends, Lizzo nailed every move in the choreography — and she didn't miss a beat! The "About Damn Time" singer even finished strong by throwing her middle finger up in the air to show that she had completely demolished the routine.

Lizzo at Beyonce Concert
Lizzo re-creates the viral "Renaissance" tour dance that Blue Ivy would sometimes perform with Beyoncé.@lizzo via TikTok

"DEVOURED," one person commented on Lizzo's video.

"Okay the hive just found blue's understudy," the official TikTok account of Spotify wrote.

"Obsessed with this," another added.

Lizzo, who has been a longtime Beyoncé fan, also shared another video of herself at the same concert. However, in this clip, the singer became emotional when the Queen Bee honored her, as well as several other Black female artists, by saying their names and flashing them on a big screen.

On Instagram, Lizzo revealed why that moment was so special to her.

"In that moment I was thinking about baby me, listening to Happy Face by destiny’s child and crying myself to sleep because of bullies… I thought about Beyoncé jumping into the room where Tina Turner was waiting to meet her for the first time," she wrote, recalling the time when Beyoncé was excited to meet her idol. "I think of what we all mean to people and how cyclical it is. We are all so infinitesimally and maximally connected and significant. It’s an honor. Thank You @beyoncé 💖."

Blue Ivy Carter perform onstage during the Beyoncé “RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR” at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on May 29, 2023 in London.Kevin Mazur / WireImage

At the 2023 Grammys, Lizzo also gave Beyoncé a shout-out when she won Record of the Year.

“Beyoncé, ooh,” Lizzo said as Beyoncé laughed in the audience. “In the fifth grade, I skipped school to see you perform. My sister, she got me out of school. It was literature, I’m good. You changed my life. You sang that gospel medley and the way you made me feel, I was like, ‘I wanna make people feel this way with my music.’”

“So thank you so much,” Lizzo continued. “You clearly are the artist of our lives.”