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Fans speculate Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are collaborating on a 'Telephone' sequel

Read on for their best evidence.
/ Source: TODAY

Beyoncé not only broke the internet during Super Bowl 2024 by announcing a surprise country music album, she also got fans clamoring for another collaboration with Lady Gaga.

The two pop superstars famously teamed up on the March 2010 video for Gaga's hit single "Telephone." The video, which was a sequel to Gaga's "Paparazzi" video, showed the pair zipping around in a souped-up truck dubbed the Pussy Wagon after Bey, now 42, bails Gaga, now 37, out of jail.

On Feb. 11, 2024, Beyonce already had fans in a tizzy by starring in a new Verizon Wireless commercial that aired during the big game.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce in "Telephone" music video
Lady Gaga, left, and Beyonce in the 2010 video for "Telephone."YouTube

The ad showed Beyoncé trying to crash Verizon's seemingly rocksteady service, and "break the internet," by participating in all sorts of eye-raising shenanigans. Near the commercial's end, the singer says, "OK, they ready. Drop the new music."

The catch? Beyonce really did announce a new album soon in a teaser video posted to social media right after the commercial aired. The followup to her Grammy-winning 2022 album, “Renaissance," will be available on March 29. The Texas native indicated in her clip that the album would have a country music flavor.

Beyonce also dropped two twangy new singles, the rootsy "Texas Hold ‘Em" and the ballad "16 Carriages."

So, why do members of the Beyhive and and Gaga's Little Monsters believe a new collaboration between the two singers may be on the horizon 14 years after they blessed the world with "Telephone"? It's all about the clues!

Beyoncé wears cowboy hat at 2024 Grammy Awards.
Beyoncé hinted that she may soon release country music when she wore a cowboy hat to the 2024 Grammys in January.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

For starters, the "Telephone" video ended by showing Beyonce and Gaga engaging in a high-speed police chase followed by a message on the screen that read "To Be Continued..."

Fans have long speculated that the duo would work together again.

Further, the imagery between the "Telephone" video and Beyoncé's new trailer seem to align.

"NOW WAIT A DAMN MINUTE… ARE WE GETTING A PART 2 IN ACT ii?!" one fan asked on X, using images to illustrate that Beyonce's video shows her driving in a cab on a dusty rural road similar to the terrain she and Gaga traversed in "Telephone."

The cab's color? Yellow just like the Pussy Wagon.

“I feel like Gaga is cropped out of this picture,” one fan noted, sharing an image shot from behind of Beyoncé driving the cab in her teaser.

The song title "Texas Hold 'Em" is also reminding fans of lyrics from Gaga's "Pokerface" that say "I wanna hold ‘em like they do in Texas, please."

Another possible clue? Beyoncé announced her album on Feb. 11, which just happens to be the day that Gaga is booked into the jail in the "Telephone" video.

Lady Gaga with boyfriend Michael Polansky at the Super Bowl
Lady Gaga with boyfriend Michael Polansky at the Super Bowl.Rob Carr / Getty Images

Some of Gaga's fans now believe that the peace sign pic the "Born this Way" singer shared from the Super Bowl was actually her holding up a two, and her way of hinting that a second collab with Bey is coming.

Finally, just days ago, Gaga also posted a picture of herself playing keyboards in a studio, which fans have interpreted to be a hint that new music is up her sleeve.

So is a new Beyoncé and Gaga song or video about to drop? To quote one eager fan, "WE NEED THIS TO BE TRUTH."