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Is Whoopi Goldberg in the new 'Color Purple'? Her cameo, explained

The cast gave her a standing ovation when they visited "The View," which she co-hosts.

Nearly 40 years ago, "The Color Purple" made its debut on the big screen, and Whoopi Goldberg made her film debut as Celie. Now, the Alice Walker novel is getting the big screen treatment again.

Some fans wondered if the original cast would return for the new film. Oprah Winfrey, who earned her first and only Oscar nomination for her work as Sofia, is an executive producer for the new movie, and has made headlines for her red carpet outfits and casting announcements.

Goldberg's role in the new version, if any, wasn't as visible — until the movie came out. Here's what we know about her cameo.

What is Whoopi Goldberg's history with 'The Color Purple'?

Whoopi Goldberg was a comedian before making her film debut in "The Color Purple." She played Celie, the main character, who overcomes a host of unthinkable trials as a Black woman in the Jim Crow South.

In a 2014 with OWN, Goldberg recalled how a "bold" letter to "Color Purple" author Alice Walker helped her land the part. In it, Goldberg wrote that if the book was ever adapted, she volunteered to play the "dirt on the floor."

Thinking nothing of it, the theater actor “went on her way” until she received a purple envelope in the mail.

“There was a letter waiting for me at my mother’s house, a purple envelope,” said Goldberg. “And when I looked at it, it said it was from Alice Walker, and what she wrote was, ‘I already know you. I’ve seen all of your shows and I’ve already sent your stuff to them.”

Directed by Stephen Spielberg, the movie landed 11 Academy nominations, but no wins. Goldberg eventually won best supporting actress for "Ghost."   

What has Whoopi Goldberg said about the new movie?

When the cast and director of the new "Color Purple" appeared on "The View," which Goldberg co-hosts, they gave the OG star her flowers.

Director Blitz Bazawule said, “We owe you.” Then, he and Fantasia Barrino (Celie), Danielle Brooks (Sofia) and Taraji P. Henson (Shug Avery) gave Goldberg a standing ovation. The audience rose from their seats, too.

Whoopi and her successor Fantasia Barrino also linked hands while discussing the role.

“I would say thank you, Ms. Whoopi Goldberg, for not being afraid to play Celie. For being honest. Thank you for paving the way for girls like myself,” Barrino said.

Inside Whoopi Goldberg's 'Color Purple’ cameo

Whoopi Goldberg makes a cameo as a midwife who delivers Celie's second child, who is taken from her soon after birth. “You’re doing just fine, Miss Celie,” says Goldberg's character. “I just need you to push one more time.”

Screenwriter Marcus Gardley told the L.A. Times he thought long and hard about what role to cast Goldberg in. Celie's mother felt "too on the nose" (she's played by Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor).

A midwife was the right tone, Gardley said. “Symbolically, that felt like the perfect part, because she’s the one to not only encourage her during the birth, but it’s like she herself gave birth to the role and now we see her passing it down," he said, calling it one of the "most beautiful scenes."

Goldberg's IMDb page has her listed as "midwife," but clarifies that the role is not officially credited.