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Ryan Gosling reveals action-packed nickname for ‘Fall Guy’ co-star Emily Blunt

"The Fall Guy" marks the first collaboration for the two movie stars.
/ Source: TODAY

She may be Emily Blunt to the rest of the world, but Ryan Gosling has a different name for her.

The pair star in the new movie “The Fall Guy,” an action flick about a stuntman, played by Gosling, trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, a rising director portrayed by Blunt.

The film, which opens May 3, features tons of action. During a TODAY segment that aired April 23, Gosling said Blunt has most likely done more stunts than he has, prompting Blunt to ask him to reveal her action-packed nickname.

“What’s my nickname? What's my nickname?” she asked him while they appeared on TODAY together.

“Uhh, Emily Stunty Blunty,” he replied.

Fall Guy Movie
Ryan Gosling (left) plays stuntman Colt Seavers in "The Fall Guy," while Emily Blunt (right) is director Judy Moreno.Universal Pictures

Blunt and Gosling are teaming up in “The Fall Guy" after last year's so-called “Barbenheimer” phenomenon, when Gosling’s “Barbie” and Blunt’s “Oppenheimer” opened on the same date. Those were two very different films, but “The Fall Guy” manages to cover a wide swath of genres, including action, romance and comedy.

“Is this movie the best combination of all your favorite things?” TODAY's Kaylee Hartung asked them.

“That was the goal. I think it just felt like we could have all the things,” said Gosling, who was nominated for an Oscar for “Barbie.”

“We could get real greedy. And we did,” Blunt said, while Gosling chuckled.

“The Fall Guy” is a love letter to the people who perform stunts in movies. The film features one car flipping a record eight-and-a-half times, which broke a real-life record.

Fall Guy Movie
Emily Blunt (left), Ryan Gosling (center) and TODAY's Kaylee Hartung (right) go out for a spin.TODAY

“That scene is a great scene in general because Logan Holladay, who broke that record, is the guy that puts me into the car for a stunt he’s about to do, and then he breaks the record,” Gosling said. “And then he pulls me out of the car and pats me on the back for the stunt he just did.”

Blunt, who was nominated for an Oscar for “Oppenheimer,” said she is honored to star in a movie that lets people see the work stunt performers do.

“So proud and so grateful. You work with these stunt performers and they are so selfless, and I don’t know why they’ve lived in the shadows of sort of us declaring just how vital they are,” she said.

The pair are also quick to point out how stunt performers make them look good.

“When it looks super cool ...” Gosling said.

“It’s not you,” Blunt finished the thought.