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Michael Cera reveals he isn't part of the ‘Barbie’ cast group chat and shares why

Cera revealed in an interview that part of the blame is on himself.
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Cera is the odd man out of the “Barbie” cast group chat.

Simu Liu, who will be portraying one of the many Kens alongside Ryan Gosling in the Greta Gerwig-directed flick, spoke to People about how the cast of the move bonded on and off set. 

While Liu said Margot Robbie hosted a sleepover for the fellow Barbies in the cast, the actors who portrayed Ken were only allowed to briefly stop by or call and say hi.

“So we made sure to show our support but not be overbearing with our presence. And all the Barbies and Kens got in a group chat,” Liu added.

However, Cera ultimately was left out of the group chat, though he seemed to be understanding about the situation.

“I don’t have an iPhone myself. … I have a flip phone,” Cera explained.

While many of the actors in the star-studded "Barbie" film, which premieres July 21, play a version of Barbie or Ken, Cera plays a character named Allan. Similarly, Emerald Fennell plays Midge, one of Barbie's friends in Mattel doll lore.

Cera said his exclusion from the group chat also makes sense for his character.

“I still think I wouldn’t belong on (the group chat) anyway, because (my character) Allan is sort of in his own little world," he said.

Teasing more details about Allan, Cera added, “Greta’s gift for me when I arrived was a picture disc of NSYNC’s No Strings Attached, which felt like somehow a real guiding light in the backstory of this character.”

The “Superbad” actor previously opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about retaining his privacy and his decision to not have a smartphone. He explained that it's a "conscious choice."

"I feel a bit of fear about it honestly like I’d really lose control of my waking life," he said.

Cera went on to share the long history of his dislike of smartphones, adding, “Right when people started having smartphones, when it was Blackberries, I had lunch with a friend of mine who was my best friend at the time, and he’d just gotten a Blackberry, and for the whole meal he was typing emails, and I was sat there lonely and bored. So I had an early aversion to them.”

Despite Cera being excluded from the group chat, he wasn’t the only actor who was the odd person out during cast bonding activities.

When Robbie appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in June alongside her castmates America Ferrera, Issa Rae and Kate McKinnon, Clarkson asked about the slumber party.

“We had a Barbie sleepover. It was as fun as it sounds,” the "Wolf of Wall Street" actor said. “It was Greta’s idea, I can’t take credit…We all shared beds and wore our pajamas and ordered room service and played games and found out that America is exceptionally competitive.”

Ferrera admitted to being “extremely competitive” before adding, “Nobody told me that it was a sexy Barbie sleepover, so everybody was in really pretty silky nightgowns and I was in the most grandma floral twin set you could imagine.”

“She somehow simultaneously looked like an old lady but a five-year-old at the same time," Robbie said. "It was the cutest.”