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Barbie posters have become the internet’s new favorite meme

Social media has turned into Barbie Land.
/ Source: TODAY

Looks like anyone can be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.

Along with the official trailer, Warner Bros. released posters of the “Barbie” film’s star-studded cast April 4. Inspired by the imagery, the internet has transformed into the fantasy world that is Barbie Land.

Each cast member is seen in a circular — and of course, sparkly —frame, with a tagline that sums up their character.

"Barbie" star Margot Robbie's tagline is “Barbie is everything.”

While most of her fellow Barbies are noted for their accomplishments, such as Emma Mackey's Barbie who "has a Nobel Prize in physics," the Kens are described as simply, "a Ken."

The tagline for Robbie's co-star, Ryan Gosling, simply states, “He’s just Ken.”

The posters provide a glimpse into the star power of the film, revealing cast members like Dua Lipa, who’s making her acting debut as a Barbie who is a mermaid, and Kate McKinnon, who’s playing a Barbie who is “always in the splits.”

And then there’s Will Ferrell, whose tagline inexplicably reads, “Please call me mother.”

But it’s not just the cast who can be the face of these posters. Barbie enthusiasts can create their own plastic personas through the Barbie Selfie Generator. It requires just one step: uploading a picture of yourself, then the AI adds customized colors and text.

And it's become the latest meme to take over the internet.

One user took the heavily-memed Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial saga and gave it the full Barbie treatment. A sparkly blue frame surrounds a picture of Paltrow in court with a tagline quoting her viral testimony that she missed half a day of skiing as a result of the collision.

Another took the Barbie meme to a creepy level by placing a picture of the robotic doll M3GAN, from the horror film of the same name, with the text "she'll kill you" on the poster.

Even the LSU Women’s Basketball team, who recently celebrated their first NCAA win April 2, joined in on the trend by creating a poster for one of their star players, Angel Reese.

"This Barbie is a National Champion," the team captioned the meme.

Then there's our personal favorite — posters of the TODAY hosts, including Al Roker as a Ken who is “an influential influencer” and Jenna Bush Hager as a Barbie who is "a reader."

The movie has been highly anticipated since photos of Robbie and Gosling in costume leaked last June. Robbie, at the time dressed head to toe in neon garb, later told Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" that she was "mortified" to have her picture taken by onlookers while she rollerbladed around Venice, California. 

The newly-released "Barbie" trailer saw Robbie and Gosling fully transform into their characters while promising a colorful and choreographed romp through a Barbie fantasy land. But while fans have more information about the cast of the Greta Gerwig-directed film, details of the plot remain elusive.

The movie’s official synopsis reads, “To live in Barbie Land is to be a perfect being in a perfect place. Unless you have a full-on existential crisis. Or you’re a Ken."

"Barbie" premieres in theaters July 21.