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A spider bit Sydney Sweeney on ‘Anyone But You.’ Only Glen Powell realized something was wrong

Sweeney was bitten by “a huge huntsman spider” while filming the rom-com in Australia.
/ Source: TODAY

In one moment from her upcoming rom-com, “Anyone But You,” Sydney Sweeney screams bloody murder as she reacts to a large spider — and as it turns out, she wasn’t acting.

Sweeney, 26, revealed she was actually bitten by the spider in that scene, and her co-star Glen Powell, 35, was the only person who realized what was happening.

“Well, the spider actually bit me in the middle of this scene but nobody called cut because they thought I was just making a very dramatic, interesting choice in this scene, and Glen was the only one who finally caught on,” Sweeney told Hoda Kotb, as she and Powell visited TODAY on Dec. 11.

“They thought I was acting but it actually bit me and Glen goes, ‘Wait, this is a little more serious,’” she added.

Powell confirmed that Sweeney had been bitten by “a huge huntsman spider” as they filmed in Australia. 

He said he realized there was an issue when he heard the way Sweeney was yelling.

“Yeah, there’s a different tone to her voice when somebody’s actually being bitten by a spider,” he said.

Luckily, Sweeney said she didn’t have to be hospitalized following the bite.

“No, I just took a couple of meds and went back to work,” she said.

Hoda also asked the pair about the rumors that have been following them since they began filming “Anyone But You,” wondering playfully if there might be “a little romance” between them.

“No, no, but we do love each other, and honestly, this is one of the most spectacular humans I’ve ever met,” Powell replied. “She’s really incredible.”

Powell and Sweeney have addressed rumors about the nature of their relationship in the past and have always denied they are anything but friends.

“A great rom-com doesn’t survive without great chemistry, and Sydney is the easiest person to have chemistry with,” Powell told "Entertainment Tonight" earlier this month. “I mean, immediately, it was like we’d known each other forever, and I think anybody that’s been on the set realizes I never get tired of talking to Sydney. We make each other laugh. 

“She’s awesome, obviously one of the most talented actresses we have,” he continued. “This movie has felt like a rom-com in itself because Sydney is very easy to pretend fall in love with.”

“Anyone But You,” a story about two exes who pretend to be a couple to survive a destination wedding in Australia, hits theaters on Dec. 22.