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The ‘Barbie’ reviews are officially in: Here’s what fans think about the film

Fans of “Barbie” got candid on social media about their emotional reactions to the film, despite their expectations for a "silly goofy time."
/ Source: TODAY

Fans have been swarming movie theaters in a sea of pink since July 20 to catch one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, “Barbie.”

Warner Bros. reported that the Greta Gerwig film has earned the biggest opening day of any movie in 2023 so far, raking in $70.5 million on Friday, July 21, which also included Thursday’s previews. 

Since the film’s premiere, fans have shared their reactions to the movie on social media, praising Gerwig’s production and the actors’ performances.

Without spoiling details of the film's long-anticipated plot, viewers also praised the film's messaging, with many calling it "emotional" and inspiring with themes celebrating uniqueness and self-love.

One fan on Twitter gave a shoutout to Gerwig, who also directed 2017’s “Lady Bird” and 2019’s “Little Women,” writing, “#Barbie is another masterpiece to her filmography that displays girl power & existentialism.”

‘The message this film holds is just beautiful,” the user added. “Robbie & Gosling are the perfect Barbie and Ken! It’s truly a remarkable, special, & touching film!”

“#Barbie is a fantastic film,” another tweet read alongside a montage of clips from the movie. “A very strong message about uniqueness, self love and acceptance. I was laughing the entire time and then I found myself moved by the incredibly powerful (yet subtle) real meaning of the movie. Greta Gerwig is a mastermind.”

Another Twitter user shared a video of a woman crying alongside their review, calling the movie a “cinematic and emotional masterpiece.”

“i laughed, i cried, i felt existential dread, and most of all i felt so much love and happiness, it was perfect a full 10/10 film,” the tweet continued.

Many users also revealed that their actual reactions to the film were nothing like they anticipated.

In a hilarious side-by-side, one fan shared their expectations versus the reality of seeing the movie in theaters. The first photo showed Margot Robbie, who portrays Barbie in the movie, smiling as she posed in one of her many Barbie-inspired red carpet looks, while the second showed Robbie sobbing.

“How I thought I’d leave #Barbie Vs how I actually left #Barbie,” the tweet read.

On TikTok, several fans took a humorous route to their “Barbie” reviews through a before-and-after style video that showed their true reactions to the movie.

One friend group showed their excited reactions prior to seeing the film in a TikTok video, each smiling as they introduced themselves. However, each clip was followed with a video from after the film, which showed a majority of the group with teary eyes.

In the comments, viewers reacted to their experience, with one person writing, “I went in expecting a silly goofy time and left needing to call my therapist.”

“Literally we came home one hour ago and my wife is still crying a little bit,” another user wrote.

In another TikTok, a fan shared a video where they appeared in tears and devastated as Billie Eilish’s song from the film’s soundtrack “What Was I Made For?” played in the background. In a text overlay, they shared their expectations for how the film would play out as well as how they actually felt after having seen the film. 

“Went into the ‘Barbie’ movie thinking it was going to teehee giggle haha and was left crying hysterically, questioning my existence, having a newfound sense of self, and being eternally grateful to my mother,” the text read.

In addition to Robbie, several other actors from the movie received their flowers from fans on social media, including America Ferrera, who portrayed Gloria, and Ryan Gosling, who portrayed Ken.

One fan tweeted that Ferrera was their “favorite performance” in “Barbie,” adding, “She delivers a showstopping monologue that had everyone applauding. An endearing, heartwarming performance that exudes so much empathy and authenticity.”

Critics and fans on Twitter are also campaigning for Gosling to receive an Oscar for his “Ken-tastic” performance in “Barbie.”

“officially joining the ryan gosling oscar for barbie campaign he was sooo good y’all,” a fan tweeted. “his comedic timing is immaculate and i believed literally every word he said like he really was born to play ken.”

Gosling has been one of his character's biggest cheerleaders during interviews, telling GQ in May that he couldn't help but “care about this dude,” adding, "his story must be told.”

“I’m like his representative. ‘Ken couldn’t show up to receive this award, so I’m here to accept it for him,'" Gosling said.