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Martha Stewart just discovered the 2015 viral dress controversy. Here's her take

“Martha, I’m not sure we can go through this again,” one commented.
/ Source: TODAY

Martha Stewart is stirring the pot all the way back to 2015.

The 82-year-old took to Instagram Dec. 1, sharing a photo of the viral dress that still causes an optical illusion with some seeing white and gold colors and others spotting blue and black.

“Grandchildren were educating me about ‘the dress!’ How do you see it?” Stewart asked her followers. “Kevin and Truman see it as gold and white, and Jude and I see it as blue and black.”

She continued, “I find this so interesting!!! There are some very good articles about this dress explaining the science.”

Meanwhile in the comment section, some shared their color sightings while others pleaded with the chef and author to put an end to the years-long debate.

“Martha, I’m not sure we can go through this again,” one commented.

Singer-songwriter Audrey Assad wrote, “I saw it as gold and white once and then every time after that it’s been blue and black and impossible to see it otherwise. it’s haunted me for (years).”

Journalist Katie Couric sparked a whole new conversation, commenting, “Is it weird that I see lavender and gold?”

As a result of the response eight years ago, the U.S. National Science Foundation pointed to New York University psychology and neural science professor Laurence T. Maloney’s research to provide some clarity.

“What I would suggest is happening is that you are gathering information unconsciously as to where the lighting is,” Maloney said, per the NSF. “The information in the picture is ambiguous. People arrive at different interpretations of the lighting in the scene and how light the dress and eventually the eye.

“If you see the dress in shadow against a bright background, you will see it as gold and white. If you see the light as coming round behind you, you will see the dress as blue and black.”

On TODAY in 2015, eye surgeon Paul Dougherty explained that “it’s a perception issue” and depends on the way in which the brain processes information.

“Everyone’s brain is different, so even though it’s the same stimulus coming in, which it is, everyone processes the information differently,” Dougherty said.

Though her grandchildren keep her up to date on trends, Stewart has been at the forefront of embracing the process of aging — even landing the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit earlier this year.

“You know, that was kind of a request I have never had before,“ Stewart said with a laugh. “And to be on the cover at my age was a challenge. I think I met the challenge.”

Stewart explained that she remains in such prime shape at 82 from doing Pilates every day and living a "clean life," with a "good diet, good exercise and healthy skin care."

“For me it is a testament to good living, and I think that all of us should think about good living, successful living and not about aging,” Stewart said. “The whole aging thing is so boring.”