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Madonna says 'indescribable' pain led her to abruptly cancel concert

The queen of pop knew it was time to take a break after she cried through the pain during a recent performance.
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Madonna's taking a break from her "Madame X" stage show as she recovers from unspecified injuries prior to the European leg of her tour.Ethan Miller / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

The old entertainment adage that states “the show must go on” is often used as a mantra to push through the pain for the sake of a performance.

But recently, the pain became too much for one showbiz icon.

On Sunday, Madonna canceled the last show of her seven scheduled concerts at The Fillmore auditorium in Miami Beach, Florida, just hours before showtime.

“As I climbed the ladder to sing Batuka On Saturday night in Miami I was in tears from the pain of my injuries,” the 61-year-old wrote in a post after that show, adding that the pain “has been indescribable for the past few days.”

The message, shared on Instagram, accompanied a clip from that performance.

“With every song I sang, I said a prayer that I would make it to the next and get thru the show,” she continued. “My prayers were answered, And I made it. I consider myself a warrior. I never quit, I never give in, I never give up!!”

But for fans who were disappointed to learn that she couldn’t pushed through it one more night, she explained, “This time I have to listen to my body And accept that my pain is a warning. I want to say how deeply sorry I am to all my fans. For having to cancel my last show.”

It was a decision she came to with the help of medical professionals.

“I spent the last two days with doctors,” she wrote. “Scans, ultra sounds, Xrays Poking and probing and more tears. They have made it very clear to me that if l’am to continue my tour — I must rest for as long as possible so that I don’t inflict further and Irreversible damage to my body. I have never let an injury stop me from performing but this time i have to accept that there is no shame in being human and having to press the pause button.”

This wasn’t, however, the only show cancelled or postponed due to injury during the superstar’s “Madam X” tour.

In October, she was forced to skip a planned show in New York City due to a knee injury.

“Its Hard for Madame X to admit that she is also a human being made of flesh and blood and she must rest for the next 3 days to insure full recovery for her knee,” the "Crave" singer wrote in a post at the time.

Then, at the end of November, she was forced to scrap all three of her Boston shows due to “overwhelming” pain.

Sunday’s canceled concert was set to be the last North American date in her “Madam X” tour before moving on to the European leg in mid-January.

“I thank you all for your understanding, love and support,” she closed out her most recent message to fans. “As the Words to Batuka go........... It’s a Long Road..........Lord Have Mercy. Things have got to change. And they will because MADAME X. is a fighter!!”