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Will Madonna, a mom of 6, have more kids? 'Never say never'

The mom-and-more opens up about the lessons she's learned from raising a big brood in a new interview with Harry Smith.
Madonna opens up about motherhood in an interview with Harry Smith.TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

She may be best known around the world as the Queen of Pop, but back at home, Madonna is better known as Mom.

The 60-year-old superstar recently took out time from her busy schedule — which, in addition to being a mother of six, includes preparing to release the new album "Madame X" and delivering a highly anticipated Pride Island performance — to talk to TODAY's Harry Smith about that important part of her life.

And it's a part that just keeps getting better.

"(Having children has) reminded me how precious time is, and how each child requires attention and vigilance and guidance in a different way," she said. "Really, you have to be ready for anything. They teach you to stop being obsessed with yourself, cause they're always there to throw a wrench into the works. ... Self-obsession is not allowed with children."

But self-reflection is vital, and looking back at all of those life lessons has made Madonna realize that each child brings new knowledge.

"The more kids that you have, the better you get at being a parent," she said. "Yeah, definitely."

As far as she's concerned, that just makes sense.

"Of course, but it's like everything," she added. "The more songs I write, the better I get as a songwriter."

So if Lourdes, 22, Rocco, 18, David, 13, Mercy, 13, Stelle, 6, and Estere, 6, have all helped her improve her parenting skills, the question is, would she like to get even better at this whole motherhood thing by having a bigger brood?

"Um ... not right this second," she said. "But never say never."

That phrase works both about the possibility of expanding her family and continuing to expand her career. After all, Madonna is always pushing boundaries and growing as a performer.

Evidence of that can be seen in the look she sports in the interview — with sleek pulled back hair and a sparkling eye patch. It's all for her current performance persona, Madame X, who is part globe-trotting secret agent and part everywoman.

Fans of the "Crave" singer will have a chance to see more of her alter ego when her "Madame X" tour kicks off in September, but they don't have to wait that long to hear more.

She'll release her new album of that name this Friday — the same day her full interview airs on TODAY.