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Kelly Clarkson comforted Hoda in the most touching way during emotional interview

The TODAY co-anchor got choked up during a discussion with the singer about her new book.
/ Source: TODAY

There's one quote in Hoda Kotb's new book that particularly resonates with the TODAY co-anchor.

While discussing the newly released "This Just Speaks to Me" on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Hoda got emotional when the singer asked her about one of her favorite quotes.

"This Just Speaks to Me," by Hoda Kotb

"There's this simple yet powerful one: 'Remember your why.' I love this one. So what does this mean to you?" Clarkson asked.

"It means everything," Hoda said. "I think when you start off on a journey — whether you want to be a teacher, or you want to be a nurse or a doctor, you want to be a wife or you want to be a mother, whatever it is — somewhere along the way you lose it."

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As she talked about the concept of one's purpose in life, the mother of two explained that taking time to regularly check in with yourself about your goals and happiness is a critical part of "remembering your why."

"If you enter a job because of the pay, you'll be happy every other payday on Thursday, so that's your happy day," she said. "But you really have to figure out why you're doing something, why you are engaging in what you're engaging in."

Hoda, 56, went on to explain she's had second thoughts about her life "a million times."

"I feel like I should be of service more than I am," she said, then paused for a moment as her voice broke up.

Noticing that Hoda was holding back tears, Clarkson quickly interjected and said, "No, I feel like that, too. I feel like why it's hitting you, too, now more than ever."

The singer then recalled a recent conversation she had with a friend and revealed her pal told her having a platform like her talk show is pretty special.

"(She told me): 'Your purpose is to have this show, to have the people come on and to shine your spotlight on them,'" Clarkson said. "And I think that's what you do a lot of times, too."

Hoda couldn't have agreed more and thanked Clarkson for her kind words.

"That does make me feel better. You feel like you get one ride around the sun and that's it, that's all you get," she explained. "I think for all of us, if you hit pause on your life for one second and wonder: 'Am I in the right relationship? Am I in the right job?'"

Hoda then explained that it's often easier to stay in jobs or relationships that aren't right for you, and Clarkson admitted one of her new songs is about that very topic.

"It's easier to just stay in your comfort zone, but it's not really living" she said.