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Jimmy Kimmel has had enough of CVS and its mile-long receipts

CVS' president promised they'd shorten their receipts. A year later, Jimmy Kimmel remains fired up.
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Kimmel thought CVS was making good on its promise to shorten receipts from the length of the Dead Sea Scrolls to normal size, but apparently that's not the case.

The late-night host jokingly put the pharmacy giant on notice Tuesday night, more than a year after the president of CVS came on his show to announce that the days of issuing extra long receipts were over.

Kimmel showed a picture of a comically long CVS receipt that one of his writers received after buying bottles of shampoo and conditioner recently.

"I thought we fixed this!" Kimmel said. "Don't make me boycott CVS. I'm putting you back on notice, CVS. Don't make us sign up for your stupid rewards club to get a smaller receipt, either."

Kimmel joked that the company's announcement this week that it is banning Photoshop and airbrushing of photos on its beauty products was a smokescreen to distract from the issue of long receipts.

The pharmacy giant vowed to transition to digital receipts after shoppers a few years ago began posting pictures on social media of 4-foot long receipts filled with coupons for buying an item or two.

CVS president Helena Foulkes appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in May 2016 to announce that CVS was moving its receipts to become digital. Members of CVS' "Extra Care" club would have the option of choosing to receive digital receipts instead of paper ones, she said.

Kimmel showed that receipts -- which he joked were the length of "the equator" -- are still being given to customers who don't sign up for the digital option.

"Has anyone ever used one of the coupons they print out?" he asked. "No, you buy a stick a deodorant, they give you a coupon for another stick of deodorant. I just bought deodorant, I don't need more deodorant. I'm trying to get to my car."

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