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'Jeopardy!' contestant roasted after confusing Janet Jackson with Ariana Grande

This guy can't keep his female pop icons in order and Twitter couldn't believe it.
/ Source: TODAY

This wasn’t so much a big error as it was a Grande one.

A “Jeopardy!” contestant was feeling the heat on Twitter after he mixed up Janet Jackson with Ariana Grande while answering a clue in the category Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday’s episode.

“As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took 'Control' and took to the stage in her first live TV performance in nearly a decade" was the clue in question, followed by a short video of Jackson performing at the Billboard Music Awards.

Contestant Alwin Hui incorrectly guessed Grande before defending champion Sarah Jett Rayburn swooped in with the correct response.

“Between this and the Chaka Khan moment earlier in the week, it’s clear our nation’s nerds are in desperate need of doing some music icon homework. COME ON, ALWIN,” Twitter user Bradley Stern wrote about Hui, while also alluding to an episode this week when Rayburn guessed singer Chaka Khan when the proper response was African warrior leader Shaka Zulu.

To be fair, in the clip Jackson was sporting a ponytail, thigh-high boots and a sweatshirt, all of which are popular looks for Grande.

While the error may be forgivable given the visual clue, Hui’s gaffe proved to be a real clutching the pearls moment for fans, who couldn't let it go without piping up.

"They just showed a video of Janet Jackson dancing and this dude said "who is Ariana Grande?" one person commented.

"First it’s a mixup between Shaka Zulu and Chaka Khan-now this guy mistook Janet Jackson for Ariana Grande. What a strange week it’s been on #Jeopardy," someone else wrote.

"No he didn't! He thought JANET JACKSON was Ariana Grande?!!!" another flabbergasted person wrote.

"Absolutely unforgivable lmfao," yet another person chimed in, perhaps putting exclamation point on this pop culture debacle.