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Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals she’s ‘sometimes insecure about aging’ on her 44th birthday

For her birthday, the "Party of Five" actor unwrapped vulnerable feelings and shared sincere words with fans.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's latest Instagram post is a reminder that not even cover models are immune to insecurity.

On Feb. 21, the "9-1-1" actor got honest about the realities of mixed feelings on a birthday. This week, the actor turned 44 and said that despite all of her accomplishments, accolades, and esteemed public image, sometimes she feels self-conscious about getting older.

"Woke up at 4am and was 44!" she started the post which featured a selfie of the actor dressed in pink. "I am deeply grateful, blessed, happy, sometimes insecure about aging, a mom of three incredible babies, married to the most handsome and awesome man, and really excited to see what this year has for us."

The actor went on to note that she felt magic in the air and thanked her mom for giving her life. Hewitt's mother passed away in 2012 from cancer, according to People.

"I miss you so much. Gonna get my job done and my birthday cheers on later," she wrote, wrapping up her post.. Ps Atticus got up way too early and sang me happy birthday! My heart melted. Now go have a great day, everyone. It’s my birthday, you have to do it!"

The “Party of Five” actor has been celebrated for her physical appearance for much of her career. Throughout the early parts of her career and into the late 2010s, the actor often appeared as the “girl next door.” These days, it's clear she remains very much in the hearts of admirers who grew up watching her.

In the comments section of the actor's post, users flooded the actor with praise and well wishes for her birthday.

"Happy birthday, beautiful," one replied.

"Happiest of birthdays, sweet friend," another replied. "Miss seeing you every day."