Ellen pranks Matt, again! Their war continues with a naughty new gag

/ Source: TODAY

If Matt Lauer thought Ellen DeGeneres had finally called a ceasefire in their long-running prank war, he was wrong!

Ellen just can't resist taking a jab at her TODAY pal, and while her latest joke is good-natured, it's also personal. Very personal.

The daytime talk show host once again had her editing team digitally manipulate an otherwise innocent clip of our anchor — just as she's done so many times before. But this time, rather than giving him handcuffs, high heels or a surprisingly breezy ensemble, she had him holding what might just be the most embarrassing prop yet.

Matt recently sat down with "Hollywood Medium's" Tyler Henry, and while the original interview was touching, the edited version is ... well ... Just see for yourself.

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"I've found in this practice that sometimes holding on to an object will actually make a stronger connection with a particular person," the celebrity psychic explained.

What Matt then handed over — in real life — was a pocketknife once owned by his grandfather. However, in the clip, Matt's very special object was My Shiney Hiney, an as-seen-on-TV hygiene item that sort of says it all in the name.

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But just in case you're still curious, Ellen recently offered up a detailed look at the device that promises to go where no personal cleaning product has gone before.

Watch out, Ellen! Matt might just have to sneak up from behind with a little revenge of his own — again.

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