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Curtain closes on 'Will & Grace' after 11 seasons

That’s a wrap!
Debra Messing posted a photo of her and co-star Eric McCormack on the "Will & Grace" set, surrounded by boxes.
Debra Messing posted a photo of her and co-star Eric McCormack on the "Will & Grace" set, surrounded by boxes.Instagram/@therealdebramessing
/ Source: TODAY

"Will & Grace" is ending after its 11th season and as the show comes to a close, the stars are looking back on all the good times.

Actress Debra Messing posted on Instagram a photo of her and Eric McCormack reading their scripts in their characters’ iconic apartment.

"It’s really happening. The curtain is coming down on Will & Grace after 11 seasons," Messing wrote. “A whole lotta life was lived in that apartment. And that laughs. Thank God for the laughs."

The two were surrounded by what appeared to be moving boxes and luggage.

"Almost all packed up,” Messing said in her post. “Savoring every last minute."

The groundbreaking comedy will say goodbye to viewers after the 2020 season. Earlier this year, the show’s creative team said it was a mutual decision to end the rebooted series.

Messing said at that time the show’s revival had lasted longer than anyone had anticipated.

"We were so lucky to have the opportunity to reunite and do the show AGAIN," she wrote on Instagram in her announcement of the show coming to a close. "It was only supposed to be 10 episodes, but because of you, the fans, it has turned into 3 YEARS. What a miracle."

Messing also promised at the time the final season will be "the best ever" and that it will "wrap up the story of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen in a way that feels meaningful and right."

Sean Hayes also tweeted on Tuesday a picture of the clapperboard that showed they were taping the final episode.

"One last ride," he wrote.

The beloved sitcom originally aired from 1998 to 2006 before returning in 2017. This season is slated for 18 episodes, five of which have aired so far. The remaining episodes will air after the winter hiatus, starting Feb. 6, according to The Wrap.