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Corey Feldman files for legal separation from wife Courtney. Here's what they have recently said about their marriage

Both Feldman and Courtney have recently cited her ongoing health issues as contributing to the breakdown of their marriage.

Corey Feldman has filed for legal separation from his wife, Courtney Anne Feldman, after nearly seven years of marriage.

Court Documents obtained by NBC News show that “The Goonies” actor filed his petition to a Los Angeles Superior Court on Sept. 12. According to the documents, Corey Feldman said that the couple has been separated since June 22 of this year. His filing cites the reason for legal separation as irreconcilable differences.

In his petition, Corey Feldman asked the court to terminate its ability to award support to Courtney Feldman. However, Feldman exclusively told NBC News that he has been voluntarily paying spousal support and intends to keep doing so.

"The facts are that I have been voluntarily paying spousal support to Courtney since the time of our separation. I will continue doing so for a reasonable time period regardless of a court ruling because I feel it’s the appropriate thing to do in these situations where adultery is not involved," the statement reads. He also says he is "leaving the door open for reconciliation."

The couple does not have children together, though the actor has a son, Zen Scott Feldman, from his previous marriage to actor Susie Feldman. The couple was married from 2002 to 2014.

“The Lost Boys” actor and Courtney Feldman have been married since 2016. The couple exchanged vows at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, according to E! News.

The couple have appeared alongside one another in reality shows like “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition” and “Celebrity Wife Swap.” They have also performed together as part of the band Corey Feldman & the Angels.

In 2016, their band performance on TODAY went viral for its unconventional nature.

Together, the couple has cited Courtney’s health as a reason for the breakdown of their marriage in the past. In August, the two confirmed their separation with statements issued to People. At the time, Feldman and Courtney opened up about her struggles with chronic fatigue syndrome, hives and other symptoms.

“We have been through so much together and still have much love and respect for each other,” Feldman told the magazine. “There is no one to blame. This is a case of life becoming really hard, Courtney dealing with health issues, and two people who have grown apart and now find themselves at a crossroads.”

Feldman also shared that Courtney’s ongoing health issues caused her to pull out of the band’s Love Retours 23 tour.

“Due to Courtney’s health concerns and the process of healing, we both feel it’s not in her best interest to continue on Love Retours 23 at this time,” he added. “On behalf of myself and my band, we all love her and ask for your prayers in wishing her a speedy recovery... We don’t know what the future will hold, but we know that the love we have for each other is not going anywhere.”

In a separate statement to People, Courtney confirmed a two-year struggle with her health had worn her down.

“I’ve struggled for two years with health issues old and new, and this has taken a massive toll on me and my family,” Courtney explained. “I always try to keep positive and a light heart regardless of what I am going through physically, but sadly it has now crossed a threshold where I can no longer continue on with the tour.”

“It’s been a long journey of dealing with my own chronic fatigue syndrome, which makes it difficult to keep up with the high energy of touring and traveling from place to place,” she added. “However, I do wish ‘My Love, Husband, & Friend,’ and the bandmates a happy tour and the very best out there. I know they will be amazing as they put on a great show.”