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Britney Spears sharply calls out the 'people closest to you who never showed up'

Spears recently began using the popular #FreeBritney hashtag that fans have used as a rallying cry for the star.
/ Source: TODAY

Britney Spears is using her voice, now more than ever.

The 39-year-old singer, who is embroiled in a court battle over her controversial conservatorship, shared a post on Instagram sharply calling out those closest to her who "never showed up" when she needed them.

On Friday, she posted simple black text on a white background that read: "Never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped you before you even had to ask."

"There’s nothing worse than when the people closest to you who never showed up for you post things in regard to your situation whatever it may be and speak righteously for support … there’s nothing worse than that !!!!" Spears wrote in the caption.

While the singer did not name specific people, many fans commented that she was calling out her mother, Lynne Spears, and younger sister, Jamie Lynn, who up until very recently remained silent on the subject of Britney's welfare and her 13-year long conservatorship.

"How dare the people you love the most say anything at all … did they even put a hand out to even lift me up at the TIME," Britney wrote. "How dare you make it public that NOW you CARE … did you put your hand out when I was drowning ????"

The "Toxic" singer went on to say that the people who are only speaking out for her now that she's standing up for herself and gaining momentum toward taking back control of her own life is self-righteous and wrong.

"Again … NO … so if you’re reading this and you know who you are … and you actually have the nerve to say anything about my situation just to save face for yourself publicly," she continued. "If you’re gonna post something …. Please stop with the righteous approach when you’re so far from righteous it’s not even funny …. and have a good day !!!!!"

Britney did give a shout-out to her fans and others who might be in a similar situation as her, ending the scathing post on a note of hope. She said, "PS if you’re reading this today and you can relate …. I’m sorry because I know what it’s like … and I send you my love !!!!"

Two days ago, Britney's mom, Lynne, posted a photo of the bible verse John 1:5 on Instagram that seemed to be in support her daughter.

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it," read the quote she posted. But many fans were not having the sudden and yet indirect support of the singer.

"You had 13 years to save her and did absolutely nothing…." wrote one fan.

"Free Britney. She said she wanted to sue her family. That means YOU too. Buckle up!" wrote another person.

Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn, also shared cryptic messages on her Instagram stories this past week, including a veiled message about "choosing hope."

"Dear Lord, Can we end this bull s--t once and for all," Jamie Lynn also posted in her stories, adding, "Amen."

The world has been watching as Britney has recently taken steps toward ending the conservatorship that her father, Jamie Spears, has held over her. Just two days ago, she celebrated a victory in the case, as a Los Angeles Superior Court judge approved the resignation of her longtime court-appointed lawyer, Sam Ingham, and allowed her to hire her own representation, Mathew S. Rosengart, a prominent Hollywood lawyer and former federal prosecutor.

"Coming along, folks ... coming along !!!!!" the singer posted on Instagram along with a video of herself doing celebratory cartwheels. "New with real representation today ... I feel GRATITUDE and BLESSED !!!!"

At the end of the post, Spears for the first time adopted the #FreeBritney hashtag her fans have been using in support of her these last few years.

"Thank you to my fans who are supporting me," she wrote. "You have no idea what it means to me be supported by such awesome fans!!!!"