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Is Blake Shelton the secret genius behind Gwen Stefani's style on 'The Voice'?

In a behind-the-scenes bit, Blake Shelton unleashes his inner Karl Lagerfeld to help his partner pick out the perfect “Voice” finale look.
The Voice - Season 17
Does Gwen Stefani really owe her fashion sense to Blake Shelton? See for yourself!NBC
/ Source: TODAY

If you thought Blake Shelton was just a country music hit-maker and perennial coach on “The Voice,” then get ready for a glimpse at the major talent he’s kept hidden for years.

A clip that ran ahead of Tuesday night’s “Voice” finale reveals that Shelton is the true designing genius behind girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s incredible style.

Sort of.

The scene opens with Stefani shuffling through a rack of clothes in search of the perfect finale-night ensemble.

“Why can’t I find anything to wear?” she complains. “I need something high-fashion.”

That’s when Shelton, channeling his best Karl Lagerfeld, bursts into the dressing room and asks, “Did somebody say fashion?”

Blake Shelton finally shares his secret talent with the world.The Voice/ Youtube

Moments later, he could be seen going through the rack himself, saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, no, no — burn this,” as Madonna’s “Vogue” plays in the background. Ultimately, he decides he needs to go back to the drawing board, sketching out crayon stick figures of Stefani while musing to himself, “I’m such a genius!”

First, he crafts a look called “cowboy chic,” which features buffalo chaps on the bottom and a former favorite hairstyle of his own on top.

Gwen Stefani wasn't so sure about this look that Blake Shelton took from his own stylebook.The Voice/ Youtube

“A mullet, Blake? Really?” his 50-year-old partner asks.

“I know! You’re going to bring it back,” he raves. “I’m so jealous.”

Alas, she doesn’t sign off on that one, so Shelton shifts focus to a few “Christmas couture” ideas.

Too icy? The Voice/ Youtube
Too boxy? The Voice/ Youtube
Too tree-y?The Voice/ Youtube

But somehow each of those bowed, tinseled and frosted looks leave something to be desired, so Stefani changes into the outfit she actually loves — a gorgeous pale-blue feathered minidress with thigh-high black leather boots.


Shelton, 43, then grabs one of his stick-figure illustrations — the one decked out in nothing but a swirling scribble — and tells her, “It looks just like my drawing!”

Well, close enough.