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NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins stuns crowd when he sings with Kelly Clarkson

The Minnesota Vikings star delivered a version of "Since U Been Gone" that left the crowd wide-eyed at the NFL Honors ceremony.

Kirk Cousins is so happy Tom Brady retired, he joined Kelly Clarkson onstage to sing about it.

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback submitted his 2024 Grammy entry at the NFL Honors ceremony on Feb. 9 by singing his own version of Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" with lyrics about Brady.

Clarkson, who hosted the ceremony, was impressed by his skills and the crowd was wide-eyed as Cousins altered the words of her 2004 hit to reference the recent Brady retirement.

Cousins alluded to the legendary quarterback's Super Bowl heroics as well as Brady's video from a beach announcing he was hanging it up after 20 seasons.

“Tom’s won seven times, went to 10,” Cousins sang. “He’s on some beach so maybe Kirk could win. Yeah, yeah, since he’s been gone."

Cousins, 34, walked out on the stage draped in lots of necklaces. The heavy jewelry referenced his flashy alter ego, Kirko Chainz, which was born on a raucous plane flight home after a Vikings victory this season.

"I'm sorry Kelly, I just wanted to sing one quick tribute song to Tom Brady on behalf of all the other quarterbacks in our league," Cousins said. "Would that be OK?"

Once he finished his part, Clarkson said he "could really sing." Other players sang parts of Clarkson's hits during the ceremony, but Cousins was the only one who appeared alongside her.

Perhaps the best part of his performance was the other NFL players' reactions. Los Angeles Chargers All-Pro safety Derwin James was caught on camera with a reaction that seemed to say, "Kirk, what are you doing?"

After Cousins' performance, Clarkson took it from there with her own modified lyrics nodding to Brady.

"Cuz now that he’s gone/Teams have hope for the first time," she sang. "Brady’s moving on, yeah yeah/For the GOAT, that’s a wrap/Now he just posts thirst traps."

And with that, a Brady selfie appeared on the screen behind her.

Cousins actually does have a background in singing from when he was a kid. During his time in college as the quarterback of Michigan State, the Big Ten Network did a feature showing him singing with a glee club in high school.

Considering he made the Pro Bowl and the Vikings went 13-4 this season, he'll likely be sticking with being a quarterback for now.