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Super Bowl ad about a dog and its owner’s lifelong love for each other will melt your heart

Watching this will remind you of the unbreakable connection we have with man's best friend.
/ Source: TODAY

There is nothing like the love between a dog and its owner. That bond is on full display in a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl for pet food company The Farmer’s Dog.

The 60-second ad, called “Forever,” follows a dog, Bear, and its owner, Ava, who is a young girl, as the commercial opens.

“I’ll always take care of you,” she whispers to the pup.

screengrab from The Farmer's Dog Superbowl commerical
Bear and Ava share a sweet moment.Courtesy The Farmer's Dog

Viewers then see them go through the highs and lows of having a dog — running through the house, playing with toys, taking a walk in the rain, making a mess in the entrance to the house and frolicking on a beach.

The spot punches the audience in the gut when Ava grows up and moves away from home. She hugs Bear as she leaves before they circle back to when the dog is by her side as she gets married and then has a child of her own.

Ava lies in bed with her husband, their baby and Bear, while flashing back to all their adventures together.

screengrab from The Farmer's Dog Superbowl commerical
Ava grows up and starts a family of her own, with Bear still by her side.Courtesy The Farmer's Dog

“Nothing matters more than more years together,” reads a message on the screen as the commercial ends.

“This spot is our love letter to dogs,” The Farmer’s Dog co-founder and CEO Jonathan Regev said in a press release about the commercial. “It embodies our mission as a company — everything we do is about helping people give their dogs a full, healthy life.”

“Forever” marks the first national Super Bowl commercial for The Farmer’s Dog, which was founded in 2014. The spot will air Feb. 12 during the 2023 Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. The game will air at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.