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Siberian husky freaks out over a kiddie pool full of ice

This pup knows exactly how to cool off in the middle of a heat wave.
/ Source: TODAY

While we've been desperately trying to cool off during this heat wave, a chilled-out Siberian husky has definitely one-upped us.

In a video posted to YouTube, the fluffy white pup, named Luke, gets his very own ice-filled kiddie pool to beat the heat. The clip may be a year old, but its lesson is still applicable today: Use whatever tools are at your disposal to keep cool!

Luke, a Siberian husky, is in love...with a pool of ice.Taras Kul / YouTube

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At first, Luke cautiously jumps in and out of the tub — until he realizes its sweet, cooling benefits.

"Look at this happy husky," says the man behind the camera, while stopping occasionally to scoop ice onto the blue-eyed canine.

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He dives in nose first several times, licking and eating the ice while running around in excitement. You could say he looks right at home in the chilled environment.

"Guess what? Huskies love ice," says the man. "This is heaven for him."

Eventually, Luke just settles in and lies down on his ice throne, appearing to be very content with life. If we had a big tub of ice, we'd do the same!